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Guildford, Surrey (嬌佛,薩里郡)

嬌佛 (Guildford) 是薩里的歷史名城,深受家庭和年輕專業人士定居的城鎮,這個城鎮還帶來了鄉村生活的感覺。 它是位於英格蘭東南部的倫敦通勤小鎮。Guildford 個發音係 Guil-fuhd, 而不是 Guild-ford。所以將直譯去 "嬌佛" = Guil-fuhd 較為貼切 💛

嬌佛是南部交通最方便的地點之一,從嬌佛總站到倫敦滑鐵盧的火車僅需 32 分鐘。A3 公路在嬌佛之間,因此,從公路直達倫敦市中心只需 31.8 英里。A3 還可在短短 14 分鐘內(不到 10 英里)提供通往 M25 高速公路的通道。

嬌佛擁有一些英國排名最好的私立中學,和一些優秀的中小公立學校。它還有一所大學,薩里大學目前(2021年)在英國 the Complete University Guide 中排名第34位。

Guildford, the historical town in Surrey, is a firm favourite with families and young professionals alike, bringing a sense of countryside living to a bustling and thriving town. It is a London commuter town located in the South East of England. The pronunciation of Guildford is "Guil - fuhd".

Guildford is one of the best-connected locations in the South with London Waterloo accessible in as little as 32 minutes from Guildford's main station. Guildford 'sits' on the A3 and, as a result, benefits from direct road access to central London in just 31.8 miles. The A3 also provides access to the M25 in just 14 minutes (under 10 miles).

Guildford have some of the best secondary independent schools in the UK and some outstanding primary and secondary state schools. It also has a University, the University of Surrey is currently (2021) ranked 34th in the UK in the Complete University Guide.

英國的 12 個移民中心。

The 12 Welcome Hubs around the UK.

嬌佛的移民中心 Guildford's HK Welcome Hub:


Transportations 交通


Guildford has a great network of public transport to travel around


嬌佛有 Coach 直達希斯路機場 : 1小時

Guildford train station –> Heathrow Airport: 1hr

RA2 (via Heathrow Terminal 5)

  • 成人單程: 預訂 £9 或 現場買 £10

  • Adult single: pre-book £9 or £10 if purchase onboard.

  • 兒童單程: 預訂 £4.50 或 現場買 £5

  • Child single: pre-book £4.50 or £5 if purchase onboard

  • 家庭單程 Family single (up to 4 people and max 2 adults): pre-book £22.50


Train 火車

Guildford provides direct trains to many destinations including, London, Reading, Portsmouth, Gatwick Airport...etc

提供前往許多目的地的直達列車,包括倫敦、雷丁、朴茨茅斯、Gatwick 機場 等


There are two train stations in Guildford

  • Guildford train station

  • London Road Guildford train station.

London Road Guildford 站是一個較小的火車站,開往倫敦的火車速度較慢。

London Road Guildford station is a smaller station with slower train to London.

火車公司: South Western Railway

嬌佛有火車直達 Gatwick 機場 : 43分鐘

Guildford train station –> Gatwick Airport: 43 minutes

  • 成人單程 Adult Single: £9.60

  • 兒童單程 Child Single: £6.70

嬌佛有火車直達倫敦滑鐵盧 (London Waterloo) 站

Guildford train station –> London Waterloo: 32 - 40 minutes (Fast train 快車)

London Road Guildford –> London Waterloo (via Epsom): 1hr06mins or 1hour (via Oxshott) 慢車 slow train

成人 Adult

  • 單程 Single: £9.60 (with railcard discount) or £14.60 (without railcard)

  • 即日來回 Day return: £14.85 (with railcard discount) or £22.50 (without railcard)

兒童 Child

  • 單程 Single: £7.30 (without railcard)

  • 即日來回 Day return: £11.25 (without railcard)

Train price 火車價格

(Dec 2021)

Guildford - London Terminus

Weekly season ticket 週票: £98.40

Monthly season ticket 月票: £377.90

Annual season ticket 年票: £3,936

Guildford - London Travel Zone 1-6

Weekly season ticket 週票: £121.70

Monthly season ticket 月票: £467.40

Annual season ticket 年票: £4,868

如果你想了解 railcard 折扣火車票,請查閱我們以下的網頁

If you want discounted train tickets, please read our post on 'UK railcards' for more information.


Bus 巴士

There are buses running between different areas of Guildford, as well as to nearby towns and villages i.e. Woking, Godalming, Kingston...

Guildford 的不同地區以及附近的城鎮和村莊之間都有巴士,例如,Woking, Godalming, Kingston...等



Car 揸車

The South Coast is easily reached by car with Portsmouth approximately 50 minutes away (43.8 miles), where you can take a ferry to the Isle of Wight.

南海岸可輕鬆抵達,距離 Portsmouth 約 50 分鐘車程(43.8 英里),你可以從那裡乘坐渡輪前往 Isle of Wight 懷特島。

Driving to Central London 31.8 miles: 1 hour to 1 hour 22 minutes via A3 road (depends on traffic) via A3

揸車到倫敦市中心 31.8 英里:大概1hr 至 1hr20分鐘車程

Heathrow airport is only 29 minutes away and Gatwick airport within 42 minutes.

距希斯路機場僅 29 分鐘車程,距 Gatwick 機場僅 42 分鐘車程。



Areas of Guildford


Pewley Down, Pewley Hill, Burpham and Onslow Village


Park Barn, Belfields and Stoughton

Tips: Try to avoid living near the A3 as it can be noisy

盡量避免住在A3附近, 公路靠近很嘈

Guildford Postcode:

GU1 - Guildford Town Centre, Slyfield, Merrow, Burpham

GU2 - Guildford Park, Onslow Village, Park Barn, University of Surrey

GU3 - Normandy, Puttenham, Worplesdon, Christmas Pie, Flexford

GU4 - Burpham, Chilworth, Jacobs Well, Shalford

GU5 - Albury, Bramley, Shere

House Prices 樓價

Average house price (Nov 2021)

平均樓價 (2021年11月)


Sale 買樓: can use the link below to consider 以下連結可作參考

Rental 租屋:

Current Buying Price 現在購買價

Current Renting Price (p.m)現在每月租金

1 bedroom flat 公寓

£110,000 - £425,000

£740 - £2,600

2 bedroom flat 公寓

£250,000 - £675,000

£995 - £2,250

2 bedroom terraced house 2房排屋

£325,000 - £495,000

£1,300 - £1,425

3 bedroom terraced house 3房排屋

£370,000 - £650,000

£1,450 - £2,200

4 bedroom detached house 4房獨立屋

£559,000 - £1.7million



For more information on how to rent in the UK, please visit read our post on how to rent a property in the UK.


Education 教育

Schools in Guildford 學校

Ofsted rating: List of schools’ ratings in Guildford