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Woking, Surrey (薩里郡)

Woking (pronounced as Woe-king) is located in the northwest of Surrey. It is a popular commuter town given Woking is at the edge of southwest of London. The fast train only takes 28 minutes into London Waterloo station.

Surrey is known to be one of the wealthier home counties and is located in the South East of England. Home counties are counties of England which surrounds London.

Guildford is a nearby large town which is 21 minutes away by car and 8 minutes by train from Woking. Some of the top primary and secondary schools (state and private) in the UK are in Guildford along with the University of Surrey. (Rank 59th in the UK 2020 from the Time Higher Education)

There is a community of Hong Kong people in Woking who have moved here in the 80s and 90s. On Saturday, children can go to St John’s Baptist Roman Catholic Comprehensive School for Chinese lessons (Cantonese, Mandarin, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese).

Woking(發音為Woe-king)位於薩里郡(Surrey)的西北部。由於Woking位於倫敦西南邊緣,所以是一個受歡迎的通勤城鎮。乘撘火車(快車) 僅需28分鐘即可到達倫敦滑鐵盧 (Waterloo) 火車站。

薩里郡(Surrey)位於英格蘭東南部。作為一個 home county, 薩里郡是一個較為富裕的郡。Home Counties 就是圍繞倫敦的外圍的郡。

Guildford是鄰近的大城鎮,距離Woking車程21分鐘,乘火車8分鐘。 英國一些頂級中小學 (公校和私校)和University of Surrey 都是在Guildford。2020年英國排名第59位(Time Higher Education)。

由80年代和90年代開始,已經有一班香港人移居到 Woking組成一個社區。逢星期六 ,小朋友可以去St John’s Baptist Roman Catholic Comprehensive School上中文班 (有廣東話,普通話,繁體中文和簡體中文學)。




Transportations 交通

Some of the major London stations:

1 - London Victoria

2 - London Bridge

3 – London St Pancras International

4 – London Waterloo

5 – London Paddington

6 – London Euston

7 – London Liverpool Street

Train 火車

Woking – London Waterloo

South Western Railway:

  • 28 minutes (fast train)

  • 35 minutes (medium-fast train)

  • 50 minutes (slow train)

Train Price 火車價錢 (September 2020)

Weekly Season Ticket 週票: £86

Monthly Season Ticket 月票: £330.30

Annual Season Ticket 年票: £3440

Car 揸車

Driving to Central London: 50 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes via M25 and M4 road (depends on traffic) 大概50分鐘至1小時20分鐘車程

Coach 旅遊巴士

Woking – Heathrow Airport

  • Coach stop: Woking (Train Station), Heathrow Airport (Central Bus Station)

National Express: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Price 車價: from £9 one way


Woking House Prices

Average House Price 平均房價 (2020):


Sale 買樓: can use the link below to consider 以下連結可作參考

Rental 租屋:

£200,000 can buy 可以買到

Studio Apartment 私人套房

Flat 公寓 – 1 bedroom

£250,000 can buy 可以買到

Flat 公寓 – 1/2 bedrooms

Maisonette (公寓 - 兩層) - 1 bedrooms

£300,000 can buy 可以買到

Flat 公寓 – 1/2 bedrooms

Terraced Bungalow (一層) – 1 bedroom

Terrace House 排屋 – 1 bedroom

£350,000 can buy 可以買到

Flat 公寓 – 2/3 bedrooms

Terrace House 排屋 – 2/3 bedrooms

£400,000 can buy 可以買到

Flat 公寓 – 1/2 bedrooms

Terrace House 排屋 – 3 bedrooms

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 – 3 bedrooms

Detached House 獨立屋 – 3 bedrooms

£450,000 can buy 可以買到

Flat 公寓 – 2 bedrooms

Terrace House 排屋 – 3/4 bedrooms

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 – 2/3/4 bedrooms

Detached House 獨立屋 – 3 bedrooms

£500,000 can buy 可以買到

Flat 公寓 – 2 bedrooms

Terrace House 排屋 – 4 bedrooms

Town House – 3/4 bedrooms

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 – 3/4 bedrooms

Detached House 獨立屋 – /4 bedrooms


Healthcare 醫療

Hospitals 醫院

  • Woking Community Hospital

Heathside Road



GU22 7HS

NHS (Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) + Virgin Care (Private)

  • Cardiology 心臟科

  • Diabetic Medicine 糖尿病醫學

  • Dietetics 營養學

  • Gastrointestinal and Liver services 胃腸和肝臟服務

  • General Surgery 普通外科

  • Geriatric Medicine

  • Gynaecology 婦科

  • Neurology 神經病學

  • Obstetrics And Gynaecology 婦產科

  • Ophthalmology 眼科

  • Orthopaedics 骨科

  • Pain Management

  • Physiotherapy 物理治療

  • Rehabilitation 康復中心

  • Respiratory Medicine 呼吸內科

  • Vascular Surgery 血管外科

  • Woking Hospital Nuffield Health (Private) 私家醫院

Shores Road



GU21 4BY

  • St Peter’s Hospital - 大醫院

Guildford Road



KT16 0PZ

Accident & Emergency (A&E) 有急症室

From Woking by car – 11 minutes

由Woking揸車去醫院 需要11分鐘

  • Woking Walk-in Centre

Heathside Road



GU22 7HS

For urgent cases only

For emergency – A&E at hospital

No appointment is needed.

Just walk in and register at the reception and wait.

Nurse-led service: treatment for minor injuries and illnesses (e.g. have a cold , eyes is in pain)

Open Monday – Sunday: 8am-8pm

Useful especially during the weekend and after GP hours

僅適用於次緊急 (urgent) 情況

如果問題是緊急 (emergency) – 去醫院急症室



護士主導的服務:輕傷和輕疾病 (列如: 感冒,眼睛唔舒服)的治療