Kingston upon Thames (London Zone 6) 京士頓 (倫敦第6區)



皇家泰晤士河京士頓自治市(the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames)分為四個區域:京士頓(Kingston Town)新馬爾登和庫姆(New Malden and Coombe),瑟比頓(Surbiton)和自治市南部。新馬爾登(New Malden)被稱為英國的韓國小鎮。 它擁有整個歐洲最大的韓國社區,擁有30多家韓國餐廳和至少100家韓國商店。這篇文章主要是關注京士頓鎮。

京士頓(Kingston) 位於倫敦西南第6區(Zone 6) 的歷史名鎮。目前,沒有通往倫敦市中心的地鐵,只有火車。乘坐火車到倫敦市中心 (London Waterloo) 需30分鐘。京士頓(Kingston) 在大倫敦,價比其他通勤城鎮貴。雖然京士頓(Kingston) 是一個昂貴的城鎮,但它是倫敦治安良好地區之一

京士頓有一些優秀的中小學Tiffin Girl’s School在英國排名前十),而且還有一間大學。京士頓大學目前在英國排名第100位《2021完全大學指南》。

京士頓鎮(Kingston) 是非常適合喜歡購物的你,因為它有頂級的百貨公司和商店。它還擁有兩個歷史悠久的皇家公園,Richmond公園 和灌木公園(Bushy Park)擁有600多頭野鹿。此外,英國著名的漢普頓宮(Hampton Court Palace)距離京士頓(Kingston) 需20分鐘車程

The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames is divided up into four neighbourhoods: Kingston Town, Malden and Coombe, Surbiton and South of the Borough. New Malden is known as the UK’s Korean Town. It has the largest Korean community across Europe with more than 30 Korean restaurants and many shops. This post will mainly focus on Kingston Town.

Kingston is a historical town located in the South-West of London, Zone 6. Currently, there is no tube to central London, only trains. It only takes 30 minutes by train to central London (London Waterloo). House prices in Kingston is more expensive than other commuter towns as it is located in Greater London. Although Kingston is an expensive town, but it is one of the safest London borough.

Kingston has some outstanding primary and secondary schools (the Tiffin Girls’ School is ranked top 10 in the UK), and is home to the University of Kingston which is currently ranked 100th in the UK, the Complete University Guide 2021.

Kingston is great for shopaholic as it has some great department stores. It also has two historic Royal Parks, Richmond Park and Bushy Park, home to 600+ wild deer. In addition, the famous British Hampton Court Palace is only 20 minute drive from Kingston town.

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香港中心 - 倫敦移民服務部

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Kingston Town is made up of four wards: Canbury, Grove, Norbiton and Tudor.



Transportations 交通

Train 火車

Kingston – London Waterloo

京士頓 – 倫敦滑鐡盧站

South Western Railway:

The train is a circular loop line, if it displays the following information:


  1. Via Shepperton / Strawberry Hill – 28 minutes (Fast Direction)

  2. Via Teddington – 45 minutes (Slow Direction)

Train ticket 火車票


一日遊車票 (Zone 1 - 6)

非繁忙時段: £13.50

可以在 Zone 1-6 內乘搭任何火車巴士地鐵和輕鐵

任何時段單程票: £7.60

任何時段來回票: £15



Travelcard (Zone 1 - 6)

Off Peak Day: £13.50

Can take any trains, buses, tube and tram within Zone 1-6

Anytime Day Single: £7.60

Anytime Day Retur: £15

(October 2020 Price)

Oyster / Contactless

倫敦八達通 / 銀行卡(非接觸支付)


單程票: 京士頓 (Kingston) – 倫敦滑鐡盧站 (London Waterloo)

繁忙時段: £6.80

(星期一至五from 06:30 to 09:30)

非繁忙時段: £4.20




Single price: Kingston – London Waterloo

Peak: £6.80

(Monday – Friday from 06:30 to 09:30)

Off Peak: £4.20

(All other times including public holidays)

(October 2020 Price)

Bus 巴士

Only takes Oyster Card or Contactless


London TFL Bus: £1.50


Can change as many times as you like within 1 hour without extra cost

Kingston Station (Bus Stop: T) – London Heathrow Airport Central Bus Station

京士頓火車站 (巴士站: T) – 倫敦希斯路機場中央巴士站

X26 – 40 minutes

Kingston House Prices 樓價

Average house price (Oct 2020)

平均樓價 (2020年十月)


Sale 買: can use the link below to consider 以下連結可作參考

Rental 租:

Education 教育

Schools in Kingston 學校

Ofsted rating: List of schools’ ratings in Kingston

教育、兒童服務與技能標準局: Kingston 的學校的評分

State Schools 政府資助學校 (公校)

Map of Schools in Kingston Upon Thames: