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Different Types of Houses in the UK 英國不同類型的房屋

1) Mews Houses 馬廄改建的房屋

傳統的 Mews houses 建於18-19世紀,地面是用作馬房,樓上是僕人居住的地方。它們是一排房屋(雙排或單排),主要建在豪宅後面,通常在大城市找到,例如倫敦布萊頓(Brighton)和愛丁堡(Edinburgh)等。

現在幾乎所有的 Mews houses 都被改建成了兩層樓的房子,有的被改成了公寓,但大多數都沒有花園。倫敦的 Mews houses 位於黃金地段(例如Kensington,Notting Hill),它的售價是超過100/200萬英鎊。

The traditional Mews houses was built in the 18th-19th centuries. The ground is used as a stable, and the upper floor is where the servants live. They are a row of houses (double or single row), mainly built behind grand mansions and usually found in big cities such as London, Brighton and Edinburgh.

Now almost all mews have been converted into two-storey houses and some into flats but most of them have no garden. A mews house in London will cost you more than £1/2million as they’re in prime locations (e.g. Kensington, Notting Hill).

Reference: Google Map (Holland Park Mews)

2) Flats 公寓

It is a high-rise building with multi-units.


[注意 Attention!]

由於在2017年發生的Grenfell大火之後,有72人喪生,所以政府對公寓有新的防火條例。 我們有一個朋友,由於他的公寓無法獲得新的防火文件,因此很難出售/再按揭單位。所以,購買2018年之前建造的公寓並且樓高18米以上時要注意。

After the Grenfell fire in 2017, which killed 72 people, the government imposed a new fire regulation for flats. We have a friend who is having a difficulty of selling/re-mortgaging his flat because his building cannot obtain the new fire safety paperwork. Therefore, pay attention when buying a flat that is higher than 18 meters and was built before 2018.

Further information:

3) Maisonettes 公寓套房(佔有兩層樓)

Maisonettes are usually two-storey flats with its own front door entrance.

Maisonette 通常是有兩層樓的公寓,有自己的前門出入。

4) Converted flats 改建的公寓

A house subdivided into flats or studios.


5) Terraced (end-terraced and mid-terraced)

排屋 (單邊排屋和中間排屋)

A line of similar houses that are all joined together.


6) Semi-detached Houses 半獨立屋

One side is connected to another house.


7) Detached Houses 獨立屋

Detached houses are not connected to any other houses.


8) Mansion 豪宅

Usually, a mansion have a massive garden with swimming pool and/or tennis court.


9) Cottages 村舍

Usually a cottage is a small traditional house that was built in the countryside and are usually very elegant.


10) Bungalows 平房

A house with only one-storey, no upstairs.


香港台英與你宵夜Alex and Sunny 用她們的聲音介紹了英國的房屋!(去8:50)

Hong Konger Station UK Night Snack show, Alex and Sunny have discussed this topic! (Go to 8:50)


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