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Welcome Hong Kongers to the UK! 



如果有任何問題可以直接聯絡: , 或 在 "可解答任何問題!"在網頁的底部。

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We are supporting the UK integration programme to bring together the local communities and new arrivals from Hong Kong.


The UK government has offered a citizenship pathway (BNO visa) for those who have British National (Oversea) passports to settle in Britain with their families due to the political unrest in Hong Kong. The five years BN(O) visa allows Hong Kongers the right to work and study in the UK but cannot apply for public funds. There are around 100,000 Hong Kong BNO status holders who have applied for this visa and many have already settled in some parts of Britain. 

What is British National (Oversea) passport? 

Who are we?

We are a group of British and Hong Kong volunteers, and some of us have already been living in the UK for many years, and would like to share our knowledge and experience to make the settling life easier. Some events will be hosted in Kent, South East England, so please stay tuned and subscribe to our website to get the latest information.

We hope the information we provide on this platform will be useful!

Any questions please contact:, or on "Ask us anything!" at the bottom of the page.

Please subscribe to our website, and give a like/follow to support us on




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英國新家鄉 Hkbrits 起源


Hkbrits 起源於 2020年6月 成立的BNO問答平台。其目的是幫助香港BNO朋友及其家屬,通過BNO簽證來英國定居時更加容易融入。


我們的聯合創辦人注意到大家需要更多英國生活的資訊和支持,所以決定建立 Hkbrits 作為一個雙語網站(英文和繁體中文)為大家提供幫助。


Hkbrits 意思是 "香港英國人" (Hong Kong British)


我們的中文名是 "英國新家鄉",因為我們歡迎和希望英國會成為你們新的家鄉。

Hkbrits Origin


Hkbrits originally started off as a "British National Overseas (BNO) Question and Answer Platform" back in June 2020. The purpose is to help Hong Kong BN(O)s and their dependants to integrate more easily when settling in the UK via the BNO visa route.


The co-founders have noticed more information and supports are needed, therefore decided to create Hkbrits, a bilingual website in English and Traditional Chinese to help those in needs.


Hkbrits means Hong Kong British. 


In Traditional Chinese, we are known as 英國新家鄉 (Cantonese: Ying Kwok Sun Ka Heung) as we welcome and hope Britain will become your new home.  

Meet The Team

HK Brits 的團隊

kim pic.jpg


Kim 是 Hkbrits 的義工,希望幫助新來香港 BNO 朋友及其家屬

Kim 從事市場推廣的工作,最近從香港移居到英國。




Kim is a volunteer for Hkbrits and hopes to help Hong Kong BNOs and their families to settle in the UK.

Kim is working in Marketing and has recently moved to the UK from Hong Kong.

Knowledge of the UK:

education and property market

grace pic.jpg


義工 Volunteer


 Grace 來自金融業





Grace is from the Finance sector and has lived in the UK for many years

Knowledge of the UK:

property market, banking and education



義工  Volunteer

Jamie 是一名香港的 BNO 持有人,目前是英國的大學生



Jamie is a BNO holder from HK and is a current UK university student

Hobbies: football and photography

Our Team
sunny profile.jpg


Hkbrits 的聯合創辦人,最初成立BNO問答平台,為計劃在英國定居的 BNO朋友及其家屬提供一些在英國基本的資訊。






Sunny is a co-founder of Hkbrits and initially started the BNO Q&A Platform to provide some essential information for BNOs and their family who are planning to settle in the UK.


Sunny is a BNO who have studied and now working in the UK for many years.


Knowledge of the UK:

visa application and education

Hobbies: Hockey

alex profile.png


Alex 是 Hkbrits 的聯合創辦人。






Alex is one of the co-founder of Hkbrits.

A Hong Kong born British Citizen eager to help Hong Kongers to integrate and settle in the UK.

Knowledge of the UK:

education-state school

Hobbies: Travel, sports, music

ava pic.jpg


Ava 是 Hkbrits 的聯合創辦人。






Ava is a co-founder of Hkbrits.

A British Citizen who have worked in the UK for many years.

Knowledge of the UK:

property market and government 

Hobbies: Travel

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