Local Government, Council and MPs 地方政府,地方議會和國會議員

It is important to know your local council and your MP (Member of Parliament) when you live in the UK.


Types of council 不同類型的地方議會/政府


In England – there are 2 tiers of local government 在英格蘭 -地方政府分為兩層

  • County Council 郡政府

  • District, borough and city council 區議會,自治市政府 和 市政府

In some part of the country only 1 tier of local government providing all the local services.

在某些地區 – 只有一個級別的地方政府提供所有本地服務。

The 3 main types are 共三種類型:

• Unitary authorities in shire areas 單一管理區 (通常城市是在郡的地區)

• London boroughs 倫敦市區

• Metropolitan boroughs 大都會自治市鎮區

  • In London and Metropolitan areas – some services including fire, police and public transport are provided through ‘joint authorities’ (e.g. in London by the Greater London Authority)

  • 在倫敦市區和大都會自治市鎮區 - 消防,警察和公共交通在內的某些服務是通過“聯合當局”提供的 「例如, 大倫敦管理局 (Greater London Authority) 在倫敦提供的上述服務

• County Councils – Responsible for the services across the whole of county

郡政府 –負責全郡的服務

  • E.g. Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey

  • 例如: 伯克郡,白金漢郡,赫福郡,肯特郡,薩里郡

• District, borough and city councils – cover a smaller area than county councils

區議會,自治市政府 和 市政府 - 負責郡內各較細的公共服務

• Parish, community and town councils – operate at a level below district and borough councils and in some cases unitary authorities. They are elected through election.

教區和鎮政府 – 比區議會,自治市政府 ,市政府和單一管理區低一級。 這些管理單位都是通過選舉產生的。

• Council Tax – Contribute to all levels depend on where you live

地方議會/政府稅項 - 取決於您的住所的地方才可以決定需要給那個級別

• Find your local council 尋找你的地方議會/政府 –


• Find your council tax band 尋找稅階 - https://www.gov.uk/council-tax-bands

  • Depends on your property and land you are living on which will determine your pay band

  • 你的稅階取決於物業的位置及大小

Member of Parliament (MP) 國會議員


MP is the representative of the people who live in its constituent. BNO passport holder is a British National so you are eligible to cast a vote in your constituent and select one candidate to be your MP.

Make sure you register yourself to vote!





What do MPs do?


• Represent the UK public interests and concerns in the House of Commons

• 在下議院 (House of Commons) 代表英國國民的公共利益和關注的題目

What your MP can do for you?


  • Assist you and your constituent in a variety of ways

  • Making private enquiries on your behalf to raising matters publicly in the House of Commons

  • 通過多種方式協助您和您的選區

  • 包括代表你進行私人查詢,以致在下議院公開提出問題

Raising matters in the House of Commons


  • MPs can bring it to the attention of the press and public.

  • 國會議員可以引起媒體和公眾的注意。

The party system


  • Nearly all MPs represent political parties

  • Members of the Lords – also organised on a party basis but some do not represent constituencies and many are not members of a political party

  • 幾乎所有議員都是代表某一個政黨

  • 上議院議員 - 也是按政黨組織的,但有些不代表任何選區,許多人也不是政黨成員

Find out who is your MP 尋找你的國會議員 - https://members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP

Find your consistency 尋找你的選區 - https://members.parliament.uk/constituencies


2019 General Election Result



Find out the party and MP of your constituent 尋找你選區的國會議員和政黨

Blue = Conservative (CON) 保守黨

Red = Labour (LAB) 工黨

Orange = Liberal Democrat (LD) 自由民主黨

Yellow = Scottish National Party (SNP)蘇格蘭民族黨

Purple Red = Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) 民主統一黨

Dark Green = Sinn Féin (SF) 新芬黨

Light Green = Plaid Cymru (PC) 威爾斯民族黨

Super Dark Green = Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) 社會民主工黨

Green = Green (GRN) 綠黨

Gold = Alliance Party (APNI) 北愛爾蘭聯盟黨


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