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Slough (斯勞), Berkshire (伯克郡)

Slough is a culturally diverse town located in Berkshire, South East England. It is a popular commuter town given that it only takes 15 minutes by train to London Paddington. The famous Windsor Castle is very close to Slough with just 13 minutes train ride away.

Slough is a special mixed community with more than 150 languages. It has many outstanding schools including four state grammar schools. There are some different faith schools, for example Roman Catholic, Muslim and Sikh.

The Elizabeth Line, operated by TFL’s Crossrail, has started its service from Slough to London in 2019. This new railway will run beneath London from Reading, passes by Slough and Heathrow, through central London across to the East of London. The central London section of the line is still under construction due to some signal issues. The completion date has been delayed several times, and they estimate it will be completed by 2022.

斯勞(Slough)是一個多元文化的小鎮,位於英格蘭東南部的伯克郡。這是一個受歡迎的通勤小鎮,乘火車到倫敦帕丁頓 (Paddington) 只需15分鐘。著名的溫莎堡(Windsor Castle)非常近Slough,乘搭火車只需13分鐘即可到達。

斯勞(Slough) 是一個特別的混合社區,有超過150種語言。斯勞有許多優秀的學校,包括四間文法學校 (Band 1公校) 。也有一些不同信仰的學校,例如羅馬天主教穆斯林和錫克教。

由TFL的Crossrail營運的伊麗莎白線, 於2019年通車。這條新鐵路將從雷丁(Reading)經過斯勞(Slough)和希思羅(Heathrow)並且經過倫敦市中心,直達倫敦東部。由於一些信號問題,該線路的倫敦市中心部分仍在建設中。完工日期已經推遲了好幾次,他們估計到2022年完成。


Transportations 交通

Some of the major London stations:

1 – London Victoria

2 – London Bridge

3 – London St Pancras International

4 – London Waterloo

5 – London Paddington

6 – London Euston

7 – London Liverpool Street

Train 火車

Slough – London Paddington

Great Western Railway: 15 minutes (Fastest Train)

Great Western Railway: 35 minutes

TFL Rail (Elizabeth Line): 26 minutes

Train Price 火車價錢 (September 2020)

Paper ticket One Way單程票: £10.20

Paper ticket Anytime Day Return 來回程票: £17.60

Weekly Season Ticket 週票: £69.70

Monthly Season Ticket 月票: £267.70

Annual Season Ticket 年票: £2788

Contactless pay as you go is available between Slough and London 銀行卡單程票

Peak (Mon to Fri from 0630 to 0930 and from 1600 to 1900): £8.70

Off Peak (all other times including public holiday): £5.30

Elizabeth Line (TFL)

Slough – Heathrow Airport

  • TFL: Change at Hayes & Harlington – 23 minutes

Bus 巴士

Slough to Heathrow – Bus 4 (First Company) around 30 minutes

Car 駕駛

Driving to Central London: 40 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes via M4 and A4 road (depends on traffic)



Slough House Prices 斯勞樓價

Average House Price 平均房價:


Sale 買樓: can use the link below to consider 以下連結可作參考

Rental 租屋:


Leisure 休閒活動

Shopping Centre 購物中心

Top sights

Entrance tickets (Oct 2020): Adult £23.50, Over 60/Student £21.20, Under 17/Disabled £13.50, Under 5 Free


Direction from Slough to Windsor ~ 從Slough到溫莎的方向:

Train火車: GWR towards Windsor & Eton Central 13 minutes

Driving 駕駛: via Royal Windsor Way/A332 12 minutes

Walking 步行: 45 minutes

Hiking trails

  • Black Park Country Park


  • Motion Simulation Room 動作模擬室

  • Trampoline Park 蹦床公園

  • Slough Ice Arena 溜冰場

  • Cinema 戲院


Education 教育

Schools in Slough 斯勞的學校

Ofsted rating: List of schools’ ratings in Slough

教育、兒童服務與技能標準局: Slough 的學校的評分

State Schools 政府資助學校 (公校)

Nursery/ Infant School 幼兒園/幼稚園

Primary 小學

Secondary 中學

Grammar schools 文法中學

  • Grammar schools are more academic, and pupils are selected by means of examination called the 11+.

  • 文法學校更具學術性,通過考試選擇學生(入學試稱為11+ ) 類似香港Band 1 學校

Please read our "State Grammar Schools" post for further details


Comprehensive schools

綜合學校 - 學生不挑不揀不考試就可以入讀

Special School


Independent School / Private School 私立學校 (收費)



Local GP 家庭醫生診所


  • Wexham Park Hospital

  • Upton Hospital

Walk-in centre

Dental Clinic 牙科診所


Local Government 地方政府

Unitary authority – have the powers of a non-metropolitan county and District Council combined.

單一管理區 – 負責郡政府和區政府的事務。

Refer to the document: Councils and MPs for further explanation

請參閱文檔: 地方議會和國會議員 以獲取更多解釋

MPs 國會議員

  • Constituency 選區: Slough

Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi MP – Labour 工黨

Mayor 市長of Slough: Preston Brooker (Labour 工黨)

Local Councillors 地方/區議員– represent for your local community and are elected

代表你住的社區 (ward)。他們需要參選由投票中選出來。

Slough Borough Councillors –


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