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Swindon (史雲頓), Wiltshire (威爾特郡)

Swindon is located in the South West of England in Wiltshire. Nearby towns are Bristol and Bath to the west and Reading to the east.

Swindon has a good train network running down to Bristol and up to London Paddington station. Swindon is more of a modern town and in recent years there are lots of new housing developments.

There is an increase with young British people and families moving to the South West of England. Swindon is a popular place to settle with all the new built houses and flats. The town centre is well developed with lots of high street brand shops and shopping centres (The Brunel and Designer Outlet Swindon) .

史雲頓 (Swindon) 位於英格蘭西南部的威爾特郡 (Wiltshire)。 附近的城鎮有布里斯托 (Bristol) 和巴斯 (Bath) 在西邊,東邊是雷丁 (Reading)。

史雲頓擁有良好的火車網絡,可以直達布里斯托 (Bristol) 和 倫敦柏靈頓站

(London Paddington station)。史雲頓現在是一個發展市鎮,近年來有很多新的房地產發展項目。

越來越多的英國的年輕人和家庭搬到英格蘭西南部。史雲頓是一個受歡迎的定居點,擁有多間新建的房屋和公寓。史雲頓市中心擁有多間大眾品牌商店和購物中心 (The Brunel & Designer Outlet Swindon) 。

Hong Kong Hub - South West Councils

香港中心 - 西南議會

They will be able to help and answer any questions you have such as education and housing issues and helping you to integrate.

他們會協助解答港人來到當區的問題 (列如 住屋,學校)和幫大家融入當地的生活。


Transportations 交通


Swindon - London Paddington

Great Western Railway (GWR): 52 - 59 minutes

Swindon - Reading

Great Western Railway (GWR): 25 - 29 minutes

Swindon - Bristol Temple Meads

Great Western Railway (GWR): 37 - 44 minutes

Swindon - Bath Spa

Great Western Railway (GWR): 22 - 24 minutes

Train price 火車價格

(July 七月 2021)

Swindon - London Terminus

Weekly season ticket 週票: £270.30

Monthly season ticket 月票: £913.20

Annual season ticket 年票: £9512

Swindon - London Travel Zone 1-6

Weekly season ticket 週票: £291.10

Monthly season ticket 月票: £986.90

Annual season ticket 年票: £10280

The GWR website also does some cheap single tickets for certain stops.

GWR 網站會為了某些火車站提供一些便宜的單程票。

Car 駕駛

Driving to Central London: around 2 hours via M4 or M40 (depends on traffic)

開車到倫敦市中心:經由 M4 或 M40 需時大約 2 小時(取決於交通情況)

Coach 旅遊巴士

Swindon Bus Stop 18: National Express 史雲頓巴士站18號: National Express 旅遊巴士

Swindon - Heathrow Airport

National Express Service

July 2021

from £15- 25

1 hour 25 minutes to 1 hour 35 minutes

2021 年 7 月

£15 - £25 不等

1 小時 25 分鐘 至 1 小時 35 分鐘


Swindon House Prices 樓價

Average House Price 平均房價 (2023 Oct):


Sale 買樓: can use the link below to consider 以下連結可作參考

July 2021 Average House Price

Terrace House 排屋 : £204,895

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 : £260,301

Detached House 獨立屋 : £372,205

Flat 公寓 – 1 bedroom : £115,000

July 2021 Rent Prices Studio Apartment 私人套房 : £500 - £700

Flat 公寓 : £575 - £900 *

Terrace House 排屋 : £675 - £1500 *

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 : £875 - £1500 *

Detached House 獨立屋 : £950 - £1650 *

* Depends on how many rooms , 取決於有多少房間

New Housing Development / Area

新發展屋院 / 地區

  • Wichelstowe (visited in September 2020)

Wichelstowe is a new housing developed area near Swindon with different phases. Basic facilities including 2 schools, a supermarket (Waitrose) and some restaurants.

There is a nice river canal which attract many people walking along and can lead back to the Swindon city centre.

Wichelstowe will be continue to be developed and more houses and flats will be available to purchase.

To Swindon town centre:

Driving: 7 minutes

Bus: 15 minutes (Number 9 or Number 11)

Walk: 38 minutes

Cycling: 14 minutes

  • Wichelstowe (2020年九月曾到訪)

Wichelstowe 是史雲頓附近的新住宅的發展區,將會有不同的階段。 我們在 2020 年 9 月曾到訪。

基本設施包括 2 所學校、一家超市 (Waitrose) 和一些餐廳。


Wichelstowe 將繼續發展,會有更多的房屋和公寓可供購買。



巴士:15 分鐘(9號 或 11號)

步行:38 分鐘



Healthcare 醫療

Hospitals 醫院

  • The Great Western Hospital - 大醫院

NHS Services / NHS 服務 - Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Marlborough Road



  • Accident & Emergency (A&E) 急症室

  • Dermatoglogy

  • Diabetic Medicine

  • Ear, Nose, Throat

  • Emergency Abdonminal Surgery

  • Gastrointestinal and Liver services

  • General Surgery

  • Gynaecology

  • Haematology

  • Intensive Care

  • Major Trauma

  • Neurology

  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • Ophthalmology

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Orthopaedics

  • Paediatrics


  • BMI The RidgeWay Hospital

Moormead Road





Private hospital but some treatments are available for NHS funded patients

私家醫院,但某些治療可用於 NHS 資助的病人

GP 家庭醫生

Post Code: SN1

Post Code: SN2

NHS Dental 牙醫

Post Code: SN1

Post Code: SN2

Make sure you call the dental practice and find out whether they take on NHS patients. Sometimes you might need to go further to find a practice in nearby towns or villages. Otherwise you will have to become a private patient.


Orthodontist 箍牙醫生

dentalcare Swindon Orthodontics

Smile Dental Care


Education 教育

Schools 學校 in Swindon

Ofsted rating: List of schools’ ratings in Swindon, Wiltshire

State Schools 政府資助學校 (公校)

Primary School 小學

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (1) 評分:(1)優秀

  • The Croft Primary School

  • Drove Primary School

  • Haydon Wick Primary School

  • Moredon Primary School

  • Rodbourne Cheney Primary School

  • St Francis CofE Primary School

Ofsted Rating: Good (2) 評分:(2)良

Secondary School 中學

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (1) 評分:(1)優秀

  • Uplands School

Ofsted Rating: Good (2) 評分:(2)良

  • The Commonweal School

  • Crowdys Hill School

  • Kingsdown School

  • Lydiard park Academy

  • Nova Hreod Academy

  • The Ridgeway School & Sixth Form College

  • St Joseph's Catholic College

  • Swindon Academy

Independent School / Private School 私立學校 (收費)





Swindon's facilities ~ Swindon 的設施

Swindon's Train Station

Designer Outlet Swindon 史雲頓名店倉

The Designer Outlet Swindon takes about 15 minutes to walk from Swindon train station. Turn right when you exit from the station and you will be on London Street (Picture 1). Keep walking straight and turn right when you see the tunnel (Picture 2 and 3). Go through the tunnel and you will see railway work and train structure as you exit from the tunnel (Picture 4). This is because the ground used to be the old Swindon railway works managed by Great Western Railway (GWR) for train maintenance. It was shut at 1986 and changed to the Designer Outlet in 1997. Entry into the outlet centre (Picture 5).

Designer Outlet Swindon 從 Swindon 火車站步行約 15 分鐘。 出火車站後轉右,您將在London Street (圖 1)。 一直向前走,看見隧道後右轉(圖2和圖3)。 穿過隧道,出隧道就可以看到火車鐵路工程的地方(圖4)。 這是因為這裡曾經是 Great Western Railway (GWR) 管理的舊史雲頓鐵路工程中心,舊時用來做火車維修。 1986年關閉,1997年改為名店倉。進入名店倉的入口(圖5)。

Some iconic brands in the Designer Outlet which Hong Kongers are familiar with: 名店倉有香港人熟悉的各大名牌:

Ralph Lauren Polo


John Lewis

Tommy Hilfiger


Calvin Klein





More brands on the Designer Outlet website! 有更多品牌在名店倉網站上看到!

There are also restaurants and a food court. 這裏還有幾間餐廳和一個美食廣場。

Brunel Shopping Centre in Swindon Town Centre

High Street (Swindon Town Centre)

Holiday Inn Express Hotel (Swindon City Centre)

Near train station (5 minutes walk)

近火車站 (步行5分鐘)


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