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State Grammar Schools ~ 文法公立中學

  • Grammar schools are more academic, and pupils are selected by means of examination called the 11+.

  • There are no state grammar schools in Wales and Scotland.

  • There were over 1200 grammar schools maintained by local authorities before 1960s, but most were closed or converted to comprehensive schools, or independent schools in 60s-70s.

  • There are around 163 state funded grammar schools in England. However, there are no remaining state grammar schools in North East England.

  • Not all Counties has state grammar schools e.g. Surrey.

  • Please beware not all selective grammar schools have ‘grammar’ in their name.

  • Many schools with grammar in their name are actually independent schools (e.g. Royal Grammar School, Guildford - £6345 per term)

  • 文法學校更具學術性,通過考試選擇學生(入學試稱為11+ ) 類似香港Band 1 學校。

  • 威爾士和蘇格蘭是沒有公立文法學校。

  • 1960年代以前, 政府開設了1200多間文法學校,但大多數學校在60到70年代被關閉或轉為綜合學校或私立學校。

  • 現在, 英格蘭大約有163間國家資助的文法學校。但是,英格蘭東北部沒有文法學校。

  • 並非每個地區都設有文法公立學校, 例如: Surrey 蕯里郡。

  • 請注意,並非所有的文法中學都用“Grammar”為校名。

  • 許多以文法(Grammar) 命名的學校實際上是私立學校 (例如,Royal Grammar School, Guildford - £6345 每學期)。

Finding a state grammar school ~如何搵文法中學

Grammar areas are shown filled in red



Ranking of grammar schools can be found in this link below:


Most Grammars are in:


東南英格蘭 (South East England): Kent, Medway, Buckinghamshire, Reading, Slough etc.

倫敦地區 (Greater London): Sutton, Bexley, Barnet etc.

東米德蘭 (East Midlands): Lincolnshire etc

西米德蘭 (West Midlands): Birmingham, Warwickshire, etc.

  • Some grammar schools select purely by the highest score, however some select by proximity to the school.

  • Most grammar schools are very competitive, this means passing the 11+ exam does not always guarantee you a place at a grammar school.

  • 有些文法中學純粹根據最高分數來選擇學生,而有一些是根據所屬區域來派位。

  • 大多數文法中學競爭非常激烈,即使通過11+ 考試並不代表一定入到心儀學校。

Check out some history and controversial about Grammar schools:



Oversubscription criteria


  • Each individual grammar has their own admission policy.

  • 每間文法中學都有自己的錄取政策

例如 For example: Mayfield Grammar School, Gravesend.

If the number of eligible students who apply is higher than the number of places available, places will be allocated in the following priority order:

  1. A looked after child (in the care of a local authority)

  2. A brother or sister attending the school at the time of entry to the school

  3. Priority will be given to students in receipt of Free School Meals.

  4. Places will also be allocated in the order

  • (a) Highest score in the Kent PESE tests

  • (b) Proximity of the child’s home to school


  1. 一個特殊需要照顧的會優先

  2. 有兄弟姊妹同校優先

  3. 低收入家庭將獲得優先

  4. 學位將以順序安牌

  • (a) Kent PESE 測試中的最高分數

  • (b) 孩子家到學校的臨近程度


It is best to live closer to your preferred school.


11+ exam

11+ 考試

  • This entrance exam generally taken at the beginning Year 6 September.

  • Usually include some or all of maths, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

  • The exact entry requirements and competition for places vary and they can change year on year. Please check with the school to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

  • 這入學試通常在小六的初秋(9月)開始。

  • 通常包括部分或全部數學,英語,閱讀理解和非語言推理。

  • 確實的入學要求和競爭人數都不同,每年都未必相同。需要最新消息一定要與學校聯絡。

There are two main exam boards for 11+ Exams:

  • GL Assessment: Bershire, Bexley, Birmingham, Buckinghamshire, Devon, Gloucestershire, Kent, Shropshire, Walsall, Warwickshire, Wirral, Wolverhampton.

  • Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM): Cumbria, Dorset, Lancashire, Medway, Northern Ireland and Wiltshire.

  • (Devon, Essex, Hertfordshire, Trafford and Yorkshire use a mixture of both.)

考試有兩個主要的考試委員會(exam boards):

  • GL: Bershire, Bexley, Birmingham, Buckinghamshire, Devon, Gloucestershire, Kent, Shropshire, Walsall, Warwickshire, Wirral, Wolverhampton.

  • CEM: Cumbria, Dorset, Lancashire, Medway, Northern Ireland and Wiltshire.

  • ( Devon, Essex, Hertfordshire, Trafford and Yorkshire 都會將兩者混合使用。)

But 但是:

  • 10 grammar schools in Essex have their own 11-Plus exam

  • 埃塞克斯郡(Essex)的10間文法學校都有自己的11-Plus試

Practice papers 補充練習:


Read more about 11+ exam on:


When to apply for the 11+ exam?


  • The admission and 11+ entrance examination dates depends on each individual school.

  • Most registration deadlines for an entrance test (11+ exam) is in June/July.

  • The exam take place in Year 6 early autumn term, so parent(s) will know whether their child has done well enough to qualify for a place before they put in their secondary school application form.

  • 每間學校申請入學和入學試日期都不同。

  • 升讀中一入學試(11+)的註冊截止日期大多數是一年前6月/ 7月。

  • 多數在小六的初秋學期進行考試,因此家長在填寫中學申請表之前會知道自己的孩子是否可入Grammar School。

Grammar Schools Application Timetable 申請文法學校的時間表

Example for Sept 2022 entry



In-Year Admission


  • Any application for a place in any year group (7-11) outside the normal admission round will need to follow your Local Authority’s In-Year Process. (Please read our Application Process for state schools)

  • Occasionally, individual child may be admitted to grammar school at other times, provided a vacancy exists. Students looking to secure places must be successful in the School’s Entrance Examinations.

  • A small number of schools also have an intake into Year 8 or Year 9 and test for entry equivalent 12+ or 13+. Many re-open for 16+.

  • 所有插班生(Year 7-11) 都要跟當地政府的入讀程序入學。(請閱讀我們的公立學校申請程序)

  • 有時,只要有空缺,個別孩子可能會在其他時間入讀文法中學。希望獲得名額的學生必須成功通過學校的入學試。

  • 少數學校也有 Year 8 或 Year 9 入學試 (12+或13+)。許多學校16+重新收生。


Sixth Form (Year 12, Age 16+) Admission


  • You must apply directly to the grammar school and each school have different admission policy. Please check for more details.

  • There will be a small number of places for external students. Entry to the Sixth Form is dependent on achieving at least six GCSEs at grades 9-5 (A*-C) including English and Mathematics.

  • Minimum qualifying grades for subjects should also be met.

  • 您必須直接向文法學校申請,每間學校都有不同的錄取政策。請按需求查看細節。

  • 中六插班生名額較少。升入中六取決於有至少6 科達到9-5級(A * -C)的GCSEs,包括英語和數學。

  • 還應滿足每個科目的最低合格等級。


P.S. ~ 附言

Do not fear if your child cannot get a place in Grammar school. There are also many good comprehensive schools.

如果您的孩子無法入讀文法學校, 請不要顧慮太多。也有很多好的綜合學校。

I personally attended a comprehensive school and I have obtained a Master’s degree at one of the Russell Group’s Universities. It depends on the child’s ability and the parenting style.



“State school pupils have won nearly 70% of Oxford University’s undergraduate places”


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State Grammar Schools
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