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Further Education College


Referring back to our previous post on ‘Awkward age of in-year admission’.

除了普通學校的 Sixth Form 和大學外,香港學生還可以選擇入讀 further education (FE) college 學院。這篇文章亦會針對抵達英國時沒有 GCSE 的16至19歲學生。

Apart from normal school Sixth Form and university, there is also an option called further education college for Hong Kong students to choose from. This post will also target 16 to 19-year-old students who does not have GCSE when they arrived in the UK.


什麼是 further education 學院?

What is further education college?

Further education (FE) 學院 部分費用是由英國政府資助,給16歲以上的學生報讀,同普通學校的 sixth form 有所不同。他們通常提供範圍更廣的專業培訓計劃,以提高學生的就業技能。Qualifications 包括: GCSE、A-levels、職業課程 (vocationals)、文憑 (diplomas)、 學士 (bachelors) 和 研究生學位 (postgraduates)。

一些職業課程 ( vocational courses ) 提供不同級別,入讀取決於 GCSE 成績。有不同的職業課程,包括服務、建造、工程和攝影等。

Further education (FE) colleges are part funded by the UK Government and attended by people from 16 to 90+, it is different to school or school sixth form. They usually offer a wider range of qualifications and trainings to boost their employability, qualifications includes GCSE, A-level, vocational, diplomas, Bachelor’s and Postgraduate degrees.

Some vocational courses are offered at different levels, which is determined by their GCSE grades. There are a range of courses including hospitality, construction, engineering and photography etc.



England, Wales and Northern Ireland


There are 9 qualification levels


  • Entry level (入門級別 ):基本知識和技能

  • Level 1:等於 GCSE grade D至G(英格蘭為 grade 3至1)

  • Level 2:技術證書可幫助升到 Level 3,等於 GCSE grade A *至 C(英格蘭為 grade 4至9)

  • Level 3:等於 AS 和 A-level

There are 4 types of vocational qualifications for 16 to 19 year old:

  • Entry level: basic knowledge and skills

  • Level 1: applied general qualifications to continue general education at advanced level through applied learning, equivalent to GCSE grades D to G ( grades 3 to 1 in England).

  • Level 2: technical certificates help get employment or progress to level 3, equivalent to GCSE grades A* to C ( grades 4 to 9 in England ).

  • Level 3: tech levels to specialise in a specific technical job, equivalent to AS and A Level.

一些 Level 3 資格的職業課程可提供進入大學的途徑,請與你的學院查詢。

Some vocational courses at level 3 qualification will provide a route to university, please check with your college.


  • Level 4:Higher National Certificate (HNC) ,等於大學一年級

  • Level 5:Higher National Diploma (HND)/ Foundation,等於大學的頭兩年,然後有機會接駁去大學第3年

  • Level 6:等於學士學位

  • Level 7:等於碩士學位

  • Level 8:等於博士學位

每間 college 的收生準則都不同,請查閱你心儀的 college。

Higher Education qualification for over 19-year-old:

  • Level 4: Higher National Certificate (HNC), equivalent to first year of university

  • Level 5: Higher National Diploma (HND)/ Foundation, equivalent to first two years of university

  • Level 6: equivalent to a Bachelor degree

  • Level 7: equivalent to a Master’s degree

  • Level 8: equivalent to a Doctoral degree

Entry requirements for these qualifications vary depending on the college.

Vocational Qualifications


England, Wales and Northern Ireland have the same framework




Scotland has a different education system.

完成 level 6 課程後,一些合資格證書(e.g. Highers)可使學生進入蘇格蘭大學,但某一些大學或學科是需要學生修讀 "Advanced Highers"課程 與英格蘭的 A-level 相同。

After completing level 6, some qualifications (e.g. Highers) may enable students to enter Scottish univerity, but some univeristies or subjects require students to take "Advanced Highers"course which is equivalent to A-level in England.

Level 7 and 8: HNC and HND, equivalent to first two years of university 等於大學的頭兩年,然後有機會接駁去大學第3年




許多閱讀,寫作和基礎數學課程都是免費的。如果你未滿 24歲,並且正在學習等於 GCSE 或 A-level 的第一個資格,則可能無需支付學費。例如:

學生必須在課程中重考或重讀 GCSE 英語和數學。

Many courses in reading, writing and basic maths are free, and you may not have to pay for tuition if you’re under 24 and studying for your first qualification equivalent to GCSE or A-level. For example:

Students are required to re-sit or take GCSE English and Maths as part their course.



Choosing the right course


Use this website below to find the right course for you or your child


You can get free advice from the National Careers Service if you need help choosing a course.

National Careers Service helpline

Telephone: 0800 100 900 (Free phonecall 免費電話)

8am to 10pm, 7 days a week


哪裡可以找到當地的 FE 學院?

Where to find your local FE college?

英國有超過 200 多間 FE 學院,大多數是位於大城市或城鎮。如果你自己的城鎮沒有 FE 學院,附近的城鎮總會有一間。

Most FE colleges are usually in large cities or towns. If your own town doesn't have a FE college, there will always be one in a nearby town.

英格蘭 FE 學院的列表

A list of further education colleges in England

威爾士FE 學院 Colleges in Wales

蘇格蘭 FE 學院 Colleges in Scotland

北愛爾蘭 FE 學院 Colleges in Northern Ireland


For example:

倫敦 London: (48 colleges in London)

曼徹斯特 Manchester:

利物浦 Liverpool:

伯明翰 Birmingham:

布里斯托 Bristol:

一些學院被稱為 "Sixth Form College",要求16至19歲的學生至少擁有5個 grade 4 或以上的GCSE,所以請向各學院確認入學條件。

對於16至19歲且沒有 GCSE 的學生,可以在當地的 FE 學院申請入門級 (entry level) 或 level 1 的課程。

Please confirm the entry requirements with each college as some colleges are called "Sixth Form College" will require at least 5 GCSEs grade 4 or above for 16 to 19 year old students.

For students 16 to 19-year-old and dosen't have GCSEs, you can apply for entry level or level 1 courses at your local further education college.


For example:

The Manchester College

Please check the entry requirements for each college.




Adult Courses

在大多數情況下,level 1 和 level 2 的英語和數學課程可能不必付費。

In most cases you may not have to pay for level 1 and 2 English and Maths courses.


You can do courses at:

  • further education colleges

  • adult education centres

  • some libraries, children’s centres and other community venues

  • other training


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