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Surrey Adult Learning 薩里郡英語課程

Surrey County Council have created an English course for Hong Kong BNO visa holders!



因為太熱門的關係,薩裡郡市政府會為香港人增加英文班數量。對於無法報名的人,請在網上按指引自我評估適合的班別,然後致電 0300 200 1044 或 email 到 已列入等候名單。

Email 內容包括

  • 你的姓名

  • 聯絡方式

  • 英文班別

  • 想入等候名單

All courses are currently full!

Surrey County Council is looking to create more English courses for Hong Kongers based in Surrey. For those who wish to join but weren't able to, please complete the self-assessment form and then either call their Customer Service Team on 0300 200 1044 to be placed on a waiting list for the right level course or email with your name, contact details, level of course needed and ask to be placed on the waiting list.


Enrolments open on Monday 20 December and the course start in mid-January.

12 月 20 日星期一開始報名,課程於一月中開始。

There will be 10 lessons in total and each lesson last for 1hr 30 mins. All lessons will be on Zoom.

總共有10課,每課1小時30分鐘。 所有課程都將在 Zoom 上進行。

There are three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance.


You should complete the self-assessment form to find out which level you are at.



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