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Life in the UK - Webinar 20/03/22

多謝您參加我們 3月20日的 Life in the UK - Webinar.

Thank you for attending our Life in the UK webinar on 20th March

Here is the summary of our webinar on the 20th March

Top 20 British Culture and Life in the UK test

Hold the door for the person behind you!

This is an offensive V-sign. DO NOT use

Say 'Bless you' when you hear someone sneezed.

UK National Dish: Chicken Tikka Masala

Brits drinks an estimated 100 million cups of tea a DAY!!

Position your knife and fork as above when you are eating out to let the waitress/waiters know.

Finish = place your knife and fork together side by side (picture top right)

Taking a break = place your knife and fork like the picture on the bottom left


Life in the UK test

Website for the books or e-learning

Book your life in the UK test

Examples of topics and questions that may come up in the exam.

Need to know the national flowers of each countries

Need to know the traditional food in each countries.

Wales: B

Scotland: D

England: D

Northern Ireland: A

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