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Rochester (羅徹斯特), Kent (肯特郡)

羅徹斯特 (Rochester) 是肯特郡 (Kent) 的歷史名城。著名小說作家 查理斯·狄更斯 (Charles Dickens) 在這個小鎮長大。作為一個通勤城鎮,現在有好多人都住在這裏每天坐火車去倫敦返工。肯特郡位於英格蘭東南部,是其中一個倫敦週邊的郡 (Home County)。倫敦週邊各郡 (Home Counties) 就是圍繞倫敦的外圍的郡。大多數的通勤城鎮都是在倫敦週邊郡內 (Home Counties)。



樓價負擔得起,同有新樓買(係火車站旁邊)。有 state grammar schools (aka Band 1 政府中學)。 而且,全英國第二古老的學校是在 Rochester, 叫 "King's Rochester" (私校)。

Rochester is a historical city in Kent and many commuters live here to commute into London and work. It is also famous for its connection with Charles Dickens! The county of Kent is located in the South East of England and is one of the home counties. Home counties are counties of England which surrounds London.

Kent is a lovely county to live in. The atmosphere is countryside therefore it is good for escaping from living in a busy city life! Rochester is located in the North West of Kent and is about 30 miles (50km) away from London. Rochester to London is only 40 mins by train.

The house prices are affordable, and there are also new builds near the train station. There are state grammar schools and the second oldest school in the UK is based in Rochester, called "King's Rochester".


Some of the major London stations:

1 – London Victoria

2 London Bridge

3 – London St Pancras International

4 – London Waterloo

5 – London Paddington

6 – London Euston

7 – London Liverpool Street



Transport 交通: Rochester to London

Train 火車

Rochester – London St Pancras International

Southeastern: 38 minutes (High speed fast train)

Thameslink: 1 hour 31 minutes (slow train)

Rochester – London Victoria

Southeastern: 38-46 minutes (fast train)

Thameslink: 1 hour 8 minutes (slow train)

Rochester – London Bridge

Thameslink: 1 hour 15 minutes

Rochester – London Blackfriars

Thameslink: 1 hour 22 minutes

Rochester – City Thameslink

Thameslink: 1 hour 24 minutes

Rochester – Farringdon

Thameslink: 1 hour 26 minutes

Train price 火車價格 (September 2020) - fast and slow trains

Weekly season ticket 週票: £109.30

Monthly season ticket 月票: £419.80

Annual season ticket 年票: £4372

Train price 火車價格 (September 2020) - high speed fast train

Weekly season ticket 週票: £137

Monthly season ticket 月票: £526.10

Annual season ticket 年票: £5480

Car 揸車

Driving to Central London: 50 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes via A2 road (depends on traffic) 約50分鐘至1小時20分鐘車程到倫敦


Rochester House Prices 羅徹斯特樓價

Sale 買樓: can use the link below to consider 可以用下面鏈結作為參考

Rental 租:

£200,000 can buy 可以買到

Flat 公寓 – 2 bedrooms

Terrace House 排屋 – 2/3 bedrooms

Bungalow 平房 – 1 bedroom

£250,000 can buy 可以買到

Terrace House 排屋 – 2/3 bedrooms

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 – 3 bedrooms

Bungalow 平房 – 2 bedrooms

£300,000 can buy 可以買到

Terrace House 排屋 – 3 bedrooms

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 – 3/4 bedrooms

Apartment 公寓 – 2 bedrooms (new development)

£350,000 - £400,000 can buy 可以買到

Terrace House 排屋 – 3 bedrooms

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 – 3/4 bedrooms

Detached House 獨立屋 – 3/4 bedrooms


Rochester Housing Development 住宅發展商

New Housing Development – Rochester Riverside


大部份住在 Rochester 的人都是英國白人。比較少英裔黑人和印度人,亞洲人更少。

Houses and flats are located next to the train station. All of the houses have garden, some are detached houses.

The majority of the residents in Rochester are White-British. Far fewer Black-British,

Indian-British and Asian-British.

Guide prices examples:

2022 prices:

2-beds flat: from £312,000 - £345,000

2-bed link-detached house (Freehold): £400,000

3-beds terraced house (Freehold): £535,000

4-beds semi-detached/terraced house (Freehold): from £600,000 - £585,000

4-beds detached house (Freehold): £700,000

5-beds semi-detached house (Freehold): £735,000

2020 prices:

1-bed flat: from £220,000

2-beds flat: from £297,500

4-beds semi-detached house: from £575,000 - £585,000

Developer: Countryside


Education 教育

Schools in Rochester 學校

Ofsted rating: List of schools’ ratings in Rochester and Strood

教育,兒童服務與技能標準局:羅徹斯特 及斯特路德的學校的評分

State Schools 政府資助學校 (公校)

Grammar Schools 文法中學

  • Getting into Medway Grammar Schools advice

  • 如何入讀 Medway (這區) 的文法中學

  • Will have to take the Medway Test in order to get into the local grammar school

  • 需要考試 (Medway Test) 才可以入讀這區 (Medway) 的文法中學

Please read our "State Grammar Schools" post for further details