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Redhill (紅山), Surrey (薩里郡)

Redhill is a town located in the south of Surrey. East of Redhill is Reigate which is historically a rich area with expensive houses and private schools. Croydon (Greater London zone 5) is located in the north of Redhill.

Redhill is also really close to Box Hill (only 21 minutes by car), which is the Surrey greenbelt where people can enjoy walking in the countryside.

Redhill is very convenient being so close to Gatwick Airport (14 minutes driving and 9 minutes on the train). There is one flight per day (by Cathay Pacific) from Gatwick to Hong Kong. *

Redhill is a commuter town with good roads (motorway M23) and railway links to London, Guildford (west of the Surrey) and Brighton (down south to Sussex).

Surrey is known to be one of the wealthier home counties and is located in the South East of England. Home counties are counties of England which surrounds London.

*Currently not running due to COVID-19 (Only flights available from Heathrow Airport)

紅山(Redhill)是位於薩里郡(Surrey)南部的一個小鎮。東邊有另一個富人區小鎮 Reigate。那裡有昂貴的房屋和私立學校。北邊有克羅伊登(Croydon, 倫敦 Zone 5 ) 。

紅山非常近Box Hill(開車21分鐘),是薩里郡非常出名的行山勝地。距離格域機場(Gatwick Airport)也是非常近 (開車14分鐘,乘火車9分鐘)。 每天都有一班機 (國泰航空) 由格域機場飛往香港。 *

紅山是一個通勤小鎮,擁有良好的道路(M23高速公路)和鐵路。 有火車去倫敦,Guildford(薩里郡西邊)和 Brighton(向南方向的修適士郡 Sussex)。

薩里郡(Surrey)位於英格蘭東南部。作為一個 home county, 薩里郡是一個較為富裕的郡。Home Counties 就是圍繞倫敦的外圍的郡。

*由於COVID-19所以目前沒有飛機來往 (只有希斯路機場有飛機)


Transportations 交通

Some of the major London stations:

1 - London Victoria

2 - London Bridge

3 – London St Pancras International

4 – London Waterloo

5 – London Paddington

6 – London Euston

7 – London Liverpool Street

Train 火車

Redhill – London

(Can use oyster to travel on the train to London)

(可以用Oyster 八達通搭火車去倫敦)

Redhill – London St Pancras International

Thameslink: 46 minutes

Redhill – London Victoria

Southern: 38 minutes

Redhill – London Bridge

Thameslink: 31 minutes

Redhill – London Blackfriars

Thameslink: 37 minutes

Redhill – City Thameslink

Thameslink: 39 minutes

Redhill – Farringdon

Thameslink: 42 minutes

Train price 火車價格 (October 2023)

Redhill to London Terminals

Weekly season ticket 週票: £79.30

Monthly season ticket 月票: £304.60

Annual season ticket 年票: £3172.00

o Redhill – Guildford (in Surrey)

Great Western Railway: 35 minutes

Train price 火車價格 (October 2023)

One way 單程票: £11.70

Return來回程票: £11.80

o Redhill – Gatwick Airport

Thameslink: 9 minutes

Can use oyster/ buy a train ticket to travel on the train from Gatwick Airport to Redhill

可以用Oyster 八達通或買火車飛

Train price 火車價格 (October 2023)

One way 單程票: £4.60

Return來回程票: £4.90

Car 駕駛

Driving to Central London: 1 hour to 1 hour 50 minutes via A3 road (depends on traffic)


Redhill House Prices

Average House Price 平均房價 (2023):


Sale 買樓: can use the link below to consider 以下連結可作參考

2020 Price

£200,000 can buy 可以買到

Flat 公寓 – 1 bedroom

Bungalow 平房 (只有一層) – 2 bedrooms

£250,000 can buy 可以買到

Flat 公寓 – 2 bedrooms

Maisonette (公寓 - 兩層) - 1/2 bedrooms

£300,000 can buy 可以買到

Flat 公寓 – 1/2 bedrooms

Maisonette (公寓 - 兩層) - 1/2 bedrooms

£350,000 can buy 可以買到

Flat 公寓 – 3 bedrooms

Maisonette (公寓 - 兩層) - 3 bedrooms

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 – 2/3 bedrooms

£400,000 can buy 可以買到

Terrace House 排屋 – 3 bedrooms

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 – 3 bedrooms

£500,000 can buy 可以買到

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 – 3/4 bedrooms

Detached House 獨立屋 – 3 bedrooms

Terrace House 排屋 – 4 bedrooms

Redhill Housing Development


New Housing Development

  1. The Picturehouse by Crest Nicholson (發展商)

The building is located next to the train station and bus stop. It is also located opposite the town centre and high street. All within a maximum of 30 seconds to 1-minute walking distance.

新樓盤在火車站和巴士站附近。紅山市中心和大街就在對面。全部都是在30 秒至1分鐘的步行距離之內。

Guide prices examples:

  • 1-bed apartment: £260,000 - £270,000

  • 2-beds apartment: £365,000

All Leasehold

Service charge: £1900 per year (2 beds), £1500 (1 bed)

Ground Rent

Some parking space (below ground) can be purchased: ~£10,000 - £15,000

Floor: 5th – 10th = 100% ownership

Floor: 3rd – 4th = 50% flats are 100% ownership, 50% flats are shared ownership with council

Floor: 1st – 2nd = All flats are shared ownership with council

Higher floor = more expensive

Complete: End of October – Early November 2020,

Under the Stamp Duty Hoilday Scheme (Until 31st March 2021):

  • No stamp duty for first time buyer up to £500,000

  • Reduced stamp duty for second home buyer

Left = Redhill Train Station Right = The Picturehouse Development (Light Brown Building)

2) Royal Hill Park by Countryside (發展商)

Guided Prices Examples:


4-beds semi-detached house: £630,000 - £870,000

5-beds detached house: £1,025,000

Driving to Redhill town centre: 4 minutes

Walking to Redhill town centre: 22 minutes

Driving to Earlswood train station: 5 minutes

Walking to Earlswood train station: 18 minutes


Education 教育

Schools 學校 in Redhill

Ofsted rating: List of schools’ ratings in Redhill, Surrey

The schools are spread out in Redhill and might need to go to Reigate, Earlswood for schools.

紅山 (Redhill) 學校不是在市中心和分得好開,有些學校是需要去附近的Earlswood和Reigate。

o State Schools 政府資助學校 (公校)

Nursery/ Infant School 幼兒園/幼稚園 + Pre-school (Year 1 and 2) 小學 一年級 二年級

  • Earlswood School (Mixed)

St John’s Road, Redhill, RH1 6DZ

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None

Age: 3-7

  • Dovers Green School (Mixed)

Rushetts Road, Reigate, RH2 7RF

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (1)

Religious: None

Age: 4-7

Primary School 小學

  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School (Mixed)

Linkfield Lane, Redhill, RH1 1DU

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: Roman Catholic

Age: 4-11

  • St John’s Primary School (Mixed)

Pendleton Road, Redhill, RH1 6QG

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None

Age: 4-11

  • Earlswood Junior School (Mixed)

Brambletye Park Road, Redhill, RH1 6JX

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None

Age: 7-11

  • Wray Common Primary School (Mixed)

Kendal Close, Reigate, RH2 0LR

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None

Age: 4-11

  • Reigate Priory Community Junior School (Mixed)

Bell Street, Reigate, RH2 7RL

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (1)

Religious: None

Age: 7-11

  • Reigate Parish Church Primary School (Mixed)

Blackborough Road, Reigate, RH2 7DB

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (1)

Religious: None

Age: 4-11

Secondary School 中學

Comprehensive Schools綜合學校 - 學生不挑不揀不考試就可以入讀

  • St Bed’s School (Mixed)

Carlton Road, Redhill, RH1 2LQ

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (1)

Religious: Church of England/ Roman Catholic

Age: 11-18

  • Reigate School (Mixed)

Pendleton Road, Reigate, RH2 7NT

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (1)

Religious: None

Age: 11-16 Only up to GCSEs, no A-levels

Special School 特殊學校

  • Woodfield School (Mixed)

Sunstone Grove, Redhill, RH1 3PR

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None

Age: 11-19

State Boarding School 政府資助寄宿學校

School fee is funded by the government and only need to pay boarding fee

學費是由政府資助 , 只需要付寄宿費。

  • Royal Alexandra & Albert School (Mixed)

Gatton Park, Reigate, RH2 0TD

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (1) - 2018 result

Religious: None

Age: 7-18

Independent School / Private School 私立學校 (收費)

  • Reigate Grammar School (Mixed)

Reigate Road, Reigate, RH2 0QS

Religious: None

Age: 2-18

September 2020

First (11+) & Second (13+) Forms: £6,380

Third Form (Upper School, GCSEs) to 6th Forms: £6,450

January 2021

First (11+) & Second (13+) Forms : £6,580

Third Form (Upper School, GCSEs) to 6th Forms: £6,660

  • Micklefield School (Mixed)

10 Sommers Road, Reigate, RH2 9DU

Religious: None

Age: 3-11


Sept – Dec 2020

2020/2021 – 1st January 2021


Local Government 地方政府

Local County Government 郡政府:

Local District Government 區政府:

Refer to the document: Councils and MPs for further explanation

請參閱文檔: 地方議會和國會議員 以獲取更多解釋

MP 國會議員

Constituency 選區: Reigate

Crispin Blunt MP – Conservative 保守黨

Local Councillors 地方/區議員– represent for your local community and are elected

代表你住的社區 (ward)。他們需要參選由投票中選出來。


Healthcare 醫療

Hospitals 醫院

East Surrey Hospital - 大醫院

Canada Avenue



Driving from Redhill to East Surrey Hospital – 6 minutes


  • A&E

  • Anaesthetics

  • Breast Surgery

  • Cancer services

  • Critical Care

  • Dental

  • Intensive Care

  • Pain Medicine

  • Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma

  • Paediatrics

  • Pathology

NHS Dental 牙醫

1) East Surrey Hospital

(For Emergency only 急症)

2) Mill Street Dental Practice

3) Lowcroft Dental Surgery Ltd

Make sure you call the dental practice and find out whether they take on NHS patients. Sometimes you might need to go further to find a practice such as in Merstham, Reigate and Horley. Otherwise you will have to become a private patient.

有需要親自打電話去牙醫診所問他們會否接受NHS病人申請。有可能需要去遠一點 (Merstham, Reigate 和 Horley) 去看牙醫。否則你要成為私家病人。

Orthodontist 箍牙醫生

  • Redhill Orthodontic Practice


Redhill's facilities 紅山的設施

Redhill Train Station 紅山火車站

3 train companies: Southern, Thameslink and Great Western Railway

Redhill Bus Station 紅山巴士站

Opposite Redhill train station and 30 seconds to town centre.


Redhill town centre looking from Redhill train station


Redhill Town Centre and High Street 紅山市中心和大街

Belfry Shopping Centre

Banks 銀行


Lloyds Bank



Library & Theatre

Supermarket: Sainsbury's (Very Big)

Inside Sainsbury's: Argos

Asian food can be purchased from this Sainsbury's


There are quite a number Hong Kong people and Asians living in Redhill.



Hiking Trails 行山路徑

Redhill is close to Box Hill : 行山勝地

Redhill is very close to Box Hill which is only 21 minutes away by car and 36 minutes by train (via Dorking and Dorking Deepdene to Box Hill & Westhumble).

Box Hill is an amazing hiking place for people living in Surrey and London. It is a great day out for family and friends!

紅山非常近Box Hill,楂車只需要21分鐘即可到達,乘火車36分鐘即可到達(通過Dorking和Dorking Deepdene到Box Hill & Westhumble)。

對於住在薩里郡和倫敦的人,Box Hill是一個非常近和好的行山勝地!


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