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聯署 (Petition)

香港人團結 💪

Hong Kongers United!

隨著香港人在英國的人數不斷增長,我們的聯署 ( petition ) 是為了香港人在英國長遠的生活能變得更好。

With the population of Hong Kongers growing in Britain, our petition is for Hong Kongers to have a better future in the UK.

  1. 第一步 讓別人正確地稱呼我們是常識吧!

稱巴基斯坦人為印度人會冒犯他們。同樣的概念適用於我們, 稱香港人為中國人! 適可而止!

  1. The First step It is common sense to let others to call and recognise us correctly as Hong Konger instead of Chinese.

Calling a Pakistani as an Indian will offend them. The same concept applies to us calling a Hong Konger as a Chinese! Enough is enough!



If the government doesn’t even recognise us with a formal name like other ethnic minorities, how can Hong Kongers continue to stand on firm ground in Britain?

We are unique in the world and have a special history with a British culture for more than 156 years. Therefore it is vital to recognise our identity and which ethnic group we are!

如果不認清這一點,我們如何教育在英的下一代呢?難道要我們下一代再經歷身份及族裔認同上的錯亂嗎? 我們這一代人就不能為下一代打好小基礎嗎?今天這一小步,就能讓我們,包括下一代們;出發去更好的地方。


How can we educate our next generation in Britain if we do not recognise our own ethnicity? Should our next generation continue to experience this identity and ethnicity confusion again and again? Can't we lay a good foundation for them? Today’s small step will allow us to set off to a better future!

We have always been proud of our old Hong Kong so let us continue this pride and keep our spirit burning 🔥!

英國政府認同我們是香港人或英籍港人的身份及族裔是第一步; 也是重要的一步。日後 diversity form 及 NHS form 等等 都會加上英籍港人及香港人的族裔。

With the UK government recognising our identity and ethnicity as British Hong Konger or Hong Konger is the first step and it is also an ⚠ important step !

This is an opportunity to see in the future that British Hong Konger and Hong Konger are permanent options in the ethnicity section in ALL forms. This includes the Diversity forms, NHS forms, surveys and job applications etc.

持有 British Citizen 及 BNO 的你如沒有英籍港人或香港人的選擇,我們覺得很遺憾,唔通要選擇為中國人?

我們的族群,最好有直接選項,因為英籍香港人或香港人無須出現在雜項 (others) 上,同意嗎?

We feel very pity if you, as a British Citizen or BNO living in the UK, doesn't have the option to choose British Hong Konger or Hong Konger. Must we choose Chinese even though we know deep down we don't belong in this category?

It is a shame Hong Kongers can only be recognised through the ‘other’ option. Why do we have to fill it in manually every single time? Do you agree we should have our own direct permanent option of our ethnic group?


It will be a long and tough journey ahead of us but if we unite together, very soon we will succeed and continue our Hong Kong spirit!

🙏 請支持這個聯署及分享出去!

Please support this petition and share it out!

P.S. 不要忘記確認你的電子郵件,否則你的簽名將不被計算!

P.S. Don't forget to confirm your email, otherwise your signature will not be counted!


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