申請 BN(O) 簽證程序 Procedure for Applying a BN(O) visa



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所有資訊均來自英國政府網站 Home Office,我們並提供了一些貼士和建議。

All details are obtained from the UK government website Home Office, and we have included some tips and suggestions.

香港 BN(O) 簽證的主要網站 The main website for BN(O) visa


香港 BN(O) 簽證的全面指南 Home Office BN(O) Visa Guidance


香港 BN(O) 簽證簡介 BN(O) leaflet



The Path to British Citizenship (BC)

甚麼是 5+1?

  1. 5年簽證 - 可工作或學習

  2. 5年之後便有資格申請 Indefinite Leave to Remain(ILR)無限期居留的身份

  3. ILR = 在英國停留的時間沒有限制 (無限期居留的)

  4. 在ILR滿1年後 - 可以申請成為英國公民(BC)

What is 5+1?

  1. 5-years visa to work or study

  2. Eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) status

  3. ILR = No time limit to stay in the UK

  4. After 1-year on ILR – eligible to apply for British Citizenship


Have the following rights in the UK:

Live 居留

Work 工作

Study 讀書

No access to public funds (e.g. social welfare benefits: Universal Credit etc)

不可以領取社會福利 (例如社會福利:綜合社會保障援助,失業救濟等)


How much does it cost?


1. BN(O) Visa Fee 簽證費用


You and your family members will each need to pay for the visa application fee.

  • 5年簽證 = 每人 £250

  • 或,

  • 簽證為2年6月= 每人 £180 (之後可以再延長多30個)

* 比起其他簽證渠道更便宜 (學生Tier 4 £348、工作 Tier 2: £610、家庭簽證: £1523 在英國外申請/ £1033 在英國內申請)

  • £250 per person for 5 years

  • or,

  • £180 per person for 2 years 6 months visa then renew for another 2 years 6 months

* Lower than other visa routes (Student Tier 4: £348, Work Tier 2: £610, Family Visa: £1,523 outside UK/ £1,033 inside UK)

如果你是使用 online 表格申請,而不是等到 23/02/21 用手機 app 應用程式進行申請

  • 你還必須額外支付 £19.20 來打指紋和相片登記 (biometric information 生物辨識)。

  • 然後,你將獲得一張 Biometric Resident Permit (BRP卡)。

  • 你還必須在收到護照後 90天內進入英國


  • 如果你擁有 BN(O) 或 香港特區的智能護照 (護照正面底部的小符號),那麼你就可以等到2月23日,然後在香港或英國通過手機 app 進行申請 (掃描護照)。

  • 你也不需去簽證中心提交指紋和照片,也不會在護照上獲得簽證貼紙。

  • 成功獲得簽證後,Home Office 將為你提供數碼副本的BN(O)簽證。

  • 沒有進入英國的截止日期


在英國邊境申請 Leave Outside the Rules (LOTR) 已延長至3月底

建議:可以在2021年3月31日之前在英國邊境申請 LOTR,然後通過手機 app 進行申請 BN(O) 簽證


  • 如果你在簽證到期之前申請新的簽證 (BNO Visa),那麼你的居留日期將自動延長,直到你收到 Home Office 的決定 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1971/77/section/3C

If you are applying using the online form, rather than waiting until 23/02/21 to apply via the Home Office digital app using your phone,

  • then you will also need to pay £19.20 for your fingerprints and photo taken as the biometric information.

  • You will then get a Biometric Resident Permit (BRP).

  • You will also need to come into the UK within 90 days after you received your passport

The main difference between applying now and applying on 23rd Feb

  • If you have one of these biometric passport (a small symbols at the front bottom of your passport ) - BN(O) or HKSAR, then you can wait until 23rd Feb and apply on your mobile app.

  • You will not have to attend an appointment to give your fingerprints and photo, and you will not get a visa sticker in your passport.

  • You will be given a digital copy of your BN(O) status once you have been successfully granted a BN(O) visa.

  • There is no deadline to enter into the UK.

For friends who are in HK

Leave Outside the Rules (LOTR) at the UK border has been extend until end of March.

Suggestion: enter the UK before 31st March 2021 with LOTR and then apply BN(O) visa through the app

Hong Kongers that are already in the UK

  • If you make a new visa application (BNO Visa) BEFORE your current visa expires, then your permission to stay will automatically be extended until you receive the decision from Home Office. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1971/77/section/3C

2. 醫療附加

Health Surcharge


You and your family members will each need to pay for the health surcharge.

需要在網上申請 BN(O) 簽證時支付這個 IHS 費用。這樣你將可以使用英國衛生處 (NHS)。

You pay the healthcare surcharge as part of your online visa application. This will allow you to use the National Health Service (NHS).

  • 成人5年 = £3,120

  • 成人2年6月 = £1,560

  • 小童5年= £2,350

  • 小童2年6月 = £1,175

  • Adult 5 years = £3,120 or

  • Adult 2 years 6 months = £1,560

  • Child 5 years = £2,350 or

  • Child 2 years 6 months = £1,175


You will still need to pay for some NHS service such as prescriptions (depends on where you live), dental care and eye tests.

你可以在下面的連結查詢更多有關 IHS 的資訊, 例如 如何退款

You can find more information about IHS in the link below, such as how to refund


BN(O) 的家屬

Family dependents

以下沒有 BN(O) 的家屬, 必須與 BN(O)持有人一起申請

  • 配偶

  • 未婚伴侶

  • 子女(首次申請時未滿18歲)

  • 成年子女 (1997年7月1日出生或之後)和其配偶/伴侶或其子女 (孫- 18歲以下) 救三代! 需要通常和你一起住

  • 其他家庭成員 18歲以上(父母、祖父母、兄弟、姐妹、兒子或女兒)需要受到你高度依賴的家屬及同住

家庭單位,必須一起申請。你在獲批出 BN(O) visa 之後,他們就無法後加。



The following family members without BN(O) must apply together with the BN(O) holder

  • Spouse

  • Unmarried Partner

  • Child under 18 when first applied

  • Adult child born on or after 1 July 1997 (and their partner or child under the age of 18) who normally lives with you

  • Other family members 18 or older (parent, grandparent, brother, sister, son or daughter) if they live with you and are very dependent on you for their care.

Your family members must apply at the same time as you. They cannot apply after you get a decision about your visa application.

Although family members must apply at the same time, but they may choose to travel to the UK separately.

When you apply, you and your family member will need to provide evidence of your relationship and that you live together.






  • 的伴侶 或

  • 成年子女的伴侶


  • 在英國認可的 civil partnership 或婚姻中 或

  • 當申請時,需要他們在戀愛關係中,並且已經與伴侶同居至少2年

Partners must be 18 or older.

The relationship must be genuine and subsisting.

They can either be:

  • your partner or