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Medway Council

Medway 不屬於肯特郡政府 (KCC)。它是一個獨立的區域,由肯特的 Medway 單一管理區管理。

Medway is not part of Kent County Council. It is a separate local authority governed by the Medway Unitary Authority in Kent.

Medway 是一個單一管理區,負責為以下地區提供當地服務;

  • Strood

  • Rochester

  • Chatham

  • Gillingham

  • Hoo 和

  • 附近的農村地區

在 1998 年,Medway 選擇退出肯特郡政府,讓他們能夠更好地控制當地地區。

Medway 市長被稱為 Medway 的第一公民。最新的議員於 2022 年 5 月 18 日上任。

Medway is a unitary council responsible for providing local services to the following areas; Strood, Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Hoo and nearby rural areas.

Medway simply opted out of being part of Kent County Council back in 1998, allowing them to have more control of their local areas.

The Mayor of Medway is known as the First Citizen of Medway. The latest councillor took up responsibility on 18th May 2022.



選舉會選出 3 個 Medway 的國會議員 (MP) - Chatham & Aylesford areas, Gillingham & Rainham and Rochester & Strood。國會議員在下議院代表居民關注政策和質疑。

您可以在此處了解有關 2019 年大選結果的更多信息。

議員由居民選舉產生,代表您所在地區。 要了解您當地的議員是誰,請訪問此處 here

Elections are held to elect Members of Parliament (MPs) for 3 Medway Parliamentary constituencies (Chatham & Aylesford areas, Gillingham & Rainham and Rochester & Strood). MP’s represent concerns and queries, affecting their constituents, in the House of Commons.

You can find out more about the 2019 General Election results here.

Councillors are elected by residents to represent your local area. To find out who your local councillor is visit here.

Medway Council 位於哪裡?
Where is Medway Council based?

Medway 的 Council 總部辦事處是位於 Chatham 的 Gun Wharf, Dock Road。

The councils headquarters are based at Gun Wharf, Dock Road in Chatham.


Medway council provide a range of services from council tax queries, planning applications to housing applications. You can see a full list of their services with relevant contact details for that department on the Medway Council contact us page.

There are also several community hubs, which provide additional services than libraries. These hubs are located in 6 local libraries in Medway (Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester, Strood, Twydall and Wigmore libraries). You can receive support with council enquiries and access to information and support.

Bin collection

對於回收收集,Medway 政府會免費提供垃圾桶:

  • sacks - 透明回收袋

  • reusable bags 回收袋

  • caddies 食物回收箱

  • bins 垃圾桶



For recycling collection, the Medway Council provide the followings free of charge:

  • sacks

  • reusable bags

  • caddies

  • bins

They do not provide black rubbish sacks for non-recyclable waste, therefore you must buy them yourself.

Visit here fore more information on bin collection.


Medway 圖書館

Medway Libraries

Medway 有 15 個圖書館。有關圖書館的服務和開放時間,請查詢網站 'Find a library'

There are 15 libraries in Medway. For the full list of libraries and more information about services and opening times at each library, please visit ‘Find a library’ on the council website.

如何聯絡 Medway Council
How to contact Medway Council

你可到 Medway 的網站了解更多資訊 ‘Contact us’

對於一般查詢,你可以致電 01634 333 333(週一至週五上午 9 點至下午 5 點)。

或者,你可在當地社區中心之一或 Kingsley House 預約以獲取房屋建議。到網站了解更多資訊。

在緊急情況下,你可以致電 01634 304 400。但,這只是緊急聯繫電話,請在此處訪問他們的網站以了解可能包含的內容。

You can visit the Medway council’s ‘Contact us’ page for further information.

For general enquiries, you can phone 01634 333 333 (Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm).

Alternatively, you can also book a face to face appointment at one of the local community hubs or Kingsley House, for housing advice. Visit here for more information.

In an emergency, you can phone 01634 304 400. However, this is an emergency contact number only, please visit their website here for what this might include.





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