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減少食物浪費 Oddbox

Eat Good.

Stay Good.

Stay Odd

Oddbox 宗旨是減少食物浪費並拯救大型超市或農場不要的水果和蔬菜。

目前在英國,超過300萬噸的水果和蔬菜在離開農場之前就己經被浪費了! 因為它們 “太大”,“太細”或“太多”。 Oddbox 會直接與農夫溝通,為顧客獲取最新鮮的水果和蔬菜。

作為 Oddbox 的顧客,購買生長不完美的水果和蔬菜,減少食物的浪費,為環保盡一分力!

Oddbox aims to reduce food waste and rescue any unwanted fruits and vegetables that giant supermarkets or farms don’t want.

In the UK right now, over 3 million tonnes of fruits and vegetables are wasted before they leave the farm! This is due to they are ‘too big’, ‘too dinky’, or ‘too many’. Oddbox directly speak to the farmers to get the freshest fruits and vegetables for its customers.

As Oddbox customers, we are rescuing any unwanted fruits and vegetables, reducing food waste and add in the effort to be greener and save the planet!


Oddbox 怎樣運作?

  1. 輸入你的郵政號碼 (Post Code)

  2. 選擇你的食物盒

  3. 選擇是否要每週或每兩週送貨一次

  4. 你最多可以省略3個你過敏或不喜歡的食物,Oddbox不會將其包含在你的盒中裏

  5. 系統會自動計算出你的送貨日期

  6. 你的盒子會送到你家門口

How does Oddbox work?

  1. Enter your postcode

  2. Choose your box

  3. Select whether you want a weekly or fortnightly delivery

  4. You can omit up to 3 items that you are allergic to or don’t like, so Oddbox will not include it in your box

  5. The system will work out your delivery date

  6. The box will deliver to your doorstep



Delivery Service

  • 倫敦

  • 整個東南部的英格蘭

  • 冇送貨收費

  • 送貨時間由睌上七時至早上七時

  • London

  • All over South-East England

  • No delivery charge

  • Deliver between 7pm – 7am

你可以在這裡找到 Oddbox 會否送貨到你家中:

You can find our whether Oddbox will deliver to your home here:



Box content of the week :

Check what is in the box of your delivery week!

查看你送貨的星期會收到甚麼蔬菜和生果啦 !


1) 水果蔬菜盒

  • 每箱最多可以拯救 9種蔬菜和 4種水果

  • 細盒:£12.99 *

  • 中盒:£15.99

  • 大盒:£19.99

* 一個小盒裝大約 5kg!

2) 蔬菜盒

  • 每箱最多可拯救 9種蔬菜

  • 細盒:£10.99

  • 中盒:£12.99

  • 大盒:£14.99

3) 水果盒

  • 每箱最多可拯救 6種水果

  • £10.99

Types of Boxes:

1) Fruit & Veg Box

  • Rescue up to 9 varieties of vegetable and 4 varieties of fruit in each box.

  • Small Box: £12.99 *

  • Medium Box: £15.99

  • Large Box: £19.99

* A small fruit and veg box weighs about 5kg!

2) Veg Box

  • Rescue up to 9 varieties of vegetable in each box.

  • Small Box: £10.99

  • Medium Box: £12.99

  • Large Box: £14.99

3) Fruit Booster

  • Rescue up to 6 varieties of fruit in each box.

  • £10.99



Personal Experience


1x 青提子 (盒)

2x 藍梅(盒)

4x 啤梨 (超大!)

10x 桔仔

9x 布冧

1x 哈密瓜

We have purchased a Fruit Booster box and the contents were amazing and very fresh and sweet!

1x Green Grapes (box)

2x Blueberries (boxes)

4x Pears (Huge!)

10x Clementines

9x Plums

1x Honeydew Melon



******* You can use the link below to receive your £10 off for your first box! At the same time, I will also get £10 off. Its a win win situation.

買第一個盒時可以減 £10! 同時,我還將獲得減 £10的優惠。這是雙贏的局面 **************

細盒蔬菜盒 = 99p

細盒水果盒 = 99p

細盒水果蔬菜盒 = £2.99

Small Veg Box = 99p

Small Fruit Box = 99p

Small Veg and Fruit Box = £2.99

Example of a small fruit box


Example of a small veg and fruit box