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New Immigration Route - BNO visa ~ 移民英國的新政策 - BNO 簽證

On Wednesday 22nd July 2020, Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced a new immigration route specifically for BNOs to apply for a visa to settle in the UK.

2020年7月22日,內政大臣Priti Patel宣布了BNO 簽證。這是專門為BNO來英國定居而設的新政策。

  • Application starts on January 2021

  • Open for Hong Kong BNO citizens and their close family members

  • Can apply both inside and outside the UK

  • Can apply to enter or remain in the UK

  1. Initial period of 30 months and extendable by a further 30 months

  2. Or a single period of 5 years

  • 申請將於2021年1月開始

  • 開放給香港BNO公民及其親屬

  • 可以在英國境內和境外申請

  • 申請為進入或留在英國

  1. 可以最先申請簽證為30個月,之後可以再延長多30個月

  2. 一次性地申請為期5年簽證

Work ~ 工作

Study ~ 讀書

  • Schooling for under 18 child dependants

  • Education and training for young people aged 16-19

  • The ability to apply for higher education courses (need further details and clarification on whether student loan and local student fee are available)

  • 返學 - 18歲以下的子女

  • 教育和培訓- 16-19歲年青人

  • 申請高等教育課程 - 大學 ( Home Office 有需要發佈更多細節 - 是否可以申請學生資助和繳付本地學生學費)

Access public funds (e.g. social welfare benefits: Universal Credit etc)

不可以領取社會福利 (例如社會福利:綜合社會保障援助,失業救濟等)


Becoming a British Citizen (5+1 years)

成為英國公民(5 + 1 年)

• Live in UK for 5 years with the BNO visa

• Apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) status

• After 12 months (1 year) then can apply British Citizenship (BC)

• 憑BNO簽證在英國居住5年

• 申請無限期居留 indefinite leave to remain(ILR)身份

• 12個月(1年)後,可以申請成為英國公民(BC)


Eligibility for the BNO visa route


Have BNO status ~ 擁有BNO身份

  • no need valid BNO passports or request a new passport if it’s expired or lost

  • Just need to show you have this status (with old BNO passport)

  • 不一定需要有效的BNO護照

  • 過期BNO 護照 或丟失的BNO 護照 ( 副本) 都可以

  • 只需要顯示您的BNO身份(BNO現有/己過期的護照)

Normally live in Hong Kong ~ 通常住在香港

  • Show HKID card

  • Hong Kong Bank statement, utility bill, ground rent

  • 出示香港身份證

  • 香港銀行月結單,水電煤單,地租單

Can accommodate and support yourself financially in the UK for at least 6 months


Evidence of your relationship with your dependents


  • 例如結婚證書、小朋友出世紙 等等

  • 未婚伴侶:證明已經一齊至少生活了2年 (以類似己婚關係或己婚的同性伴侶關係)

  • e.g. marriage certificate, child birth certificate, etc.

  • Unmarried partner: show you’ve been living together in a relationship similar to a marriage or civil partnership for at least 2 years

Show a commitment to learn English, where appropriate ~

承諾學習英語 (在適當的時候)

  • This might be - Demonstrate you can speak and read English either with education certificate, studied in an English-speaking language country, worked in a company which you have used English.

  • 顯示證明 - 有可能是:

o 畢業證書

o 在英語國家返學

o 工作 -使用英語

Pay a fee and the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) ~

支付 Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

Get a tuberculosis (TB) test certificate from a clinic approved by the Home Office ~

肺結核病(TB)測試證書 – (要用內政部 Home Office 指定診所)

  • If you have lived in the UK or countries which are not required TB test for at least 6 months then NO TB test is required

  • 如果您已留在英國或其他國家 (無需要肺結核病測試) 已經有至少6個月 = 你無需要進行肺結核病測試

  • 來自香港是有需要進行肺結核病檢測

  • Hong Kong is a country which requires TB test

英國政府網站上列出 5 間香港指定診所:

Clinics are listed in the UK government website:


If you've been living in one of these countries for the past 6 months, you will also need to provide a TB certificate.

參考我們”BNO visa 簽證 ”的文章,以獲取有關在英國境內進行肺結核病測試的最新信息。

Please read our “BNO visa” post to get the last update on where to get TB test inside the UK.


Entering in the UK before Hong Kong BNO visa is available (Before January 2021)

可以申請BNO簽證前己經進入英國 (2021年1月之前)?

  • May be able to consider granting ‘Leave Outside the Rules’ (LOTR) for 6 months by Border Force Officer at the UK border upon arrival

  • Both you and your accompanying dependents

  • 抵達英國邊境時, 入境事務主任有可能會考慮給你6個月的 ‘Leave Outside the Rule’(LOTR) 身份

  • 給您和您的隨行家屬

To be considered, you need to show the following:


  • Your identity

  • Your BNO status (valid BNO passport / expired BNO passport / copy of your BNO passport)

  • That you normally live in Hong Kong (HKID card, Hong Kong Bank statement, Hong Kong utility bills/ ground rent)

  • Can accommodate support yourself financially in the UK

  • 您的身份證明

  • 您的BNO身份(有效的BNO護照/ 已過期BNO護照/ BNO護照副本)

  • 您通常居住在香港(身份證,香港銀行月結單,水電煤單,地租單)

  • 證明在英國至少有6個月的經濟支持和住宿

Non-BNO dependant’s family links to you:


Spouse or civil partner ~ 配偶或己結婚的同性伴侶

  • need to marriage or civil partnership certificate

  • 證明: 結婚證書

Unmarried partner ~ 未婚伴侶

  • need to show you’ve been living together in a relationship similar to a marriage or civil partnership for at least 2 years

  • 證明: 已經一齊至少生活了2年 (以類似己婚關係或己婚的同性伴侶關係)

Child (under the age of 18 when they first applied) ~ 子女 (首次申請時未滿18歲)

  • Show evidence that you are their parent, adopted parent or guardian:

▪ Full birth certificate

▪ Adoption certificate

▪ A court order – such as a special guardianship order

  • 證明你是他/她的父母,養父母或監護人

▪ 出世紙

▪ 領養證書

▪ 法院命令 – e.g. 特別監護權

Other family members where they can show there is a high level of dependency ~

其他家庭成員 (需要受到你撫養的家屬或子女)

  • Show evidence of your dependant’s relationship to you

  • * 18-23 years old children of BNOs with HKSAR passports – e.g. birth certificate

  • * Parents of BNOs with HKSAR passports – e.g. birth certificate

  • 需要證明你們的關係

  • * BNO的子女 -18-23歲 (持有香港特區護照) – e.g. 證明: 出世紙

  • *BNO的父母 (持有香港特區護照) – e.g. 證明: 出世紙


Identity of BNO citizen status


• Proof of identity - Need a valid passport ~ 身份證明 - 護照

  • Can be a valid or expired BNO passport

  • If you don’t have a BNO passport – Home Office may be able to look at records to check your status

  • 可以是有效或己過期的BNO護照

  • 如果您沒有BNO護照 - 內政部 Home Office可以查看記錄以證明您的BNO身份

Evidence to show you are a Hong Kong residence


To be eligible for ‘Leave Outside the Rules’ – must be usually live in Hong Kong

要獲得 Leave Outside the Rule’(LOTR) 身份 - 需要通常住在香港

Evidence of residence:

  • Hong Kong ID card

  • A letter from an employer or education provider confirming your employment or study in Hong Kong

  • A Hong Kong medical card

  • A voter’s card

  • A visa or residence permit or immigration documents

  • An educational record – e.g. school report

  • A letter from the local council or a government department in Hong Kong

  • Tax records

  • Records of mortgage payments

The list of evidence is not exhaustive. Home Office may consider other forms of evidence on a case-by-case basis.


  • 香港身份證

  • 雇主或學校發出的信,確認您在香港工作或讀書

  • 香港醫療卡

  • 選民登記咭

  • 簽證或居留許可證或移民文件

  • 教育記錄 – e.g. 學校成績表

  • 香港政府部門地方或區議會發出的信

  • 稅務記錄

  • 按揭貸款記錄

以上的清單並不詳盡。 Home Office根據每件案件可能會接受其他形式的證據。

What evidence you should show that you can accommodate and support yourself financially?


  • 需要證明可以在經濟上和住宿上支持自己和您的家屬至少6個月

  • Need to prove yourself and your dependants can provide accommodation and financial support for at least 6 months


  • Bank Statements that show savings

  • Evidence of regular income while in the UK – e.g. salary, investment or pension payments

  • Investment details

  • Receipt of educational grants from overseas

  • An offer of employment in UK

  • Income of a partner, spouse or other family member to which you have access – e.g. parental funding or a spouse’s salary earned through lawful working in the UK

  • An offer of accommodation from family or friends

The list of evidence is not exhaustive. Home Office may consider other forms of evidence on a case-by-case basis.


  • 銀行戶口月結單

  • 在英國的定期收入證明: e.g. 收入 ,投資,退休金

  • 投資證明

  • 讀書資助基金 (海外)

  • 在英國有工作

  • 伴侶,配偶或其他家庭成員的收入: e.g. 父母資助或配偶的收入 (在英國合法工作)

  • 家人或朋友提供住宿

以上的清單並不詳盡。 Home Office根據每件案件可能會接受其他形式的證據。


Leave Outside the Rules (LOTR)

You and your dependants




Work ~ 工作

Study ~ 讀書



Get public funds ~ 不可以領取社會福利

USE THE NHS FOR FREE (EXCEPT FOR FREE SERVICES – E.G. A&E, GP, COVID-19 TEST, NHS 111) ~ 免費用NHS (除了免費醫療服務 – e.g. 急症室, 普通科/家庭醫生, COVID-19測試, NHS 111)


Further details of the free services:



Visa Policy Statement on BNO visa from the Home Secretary

內政大臣 Home Secretary 發出關於BNO簽證的政策聲明

Some Key Points:


Specifically, the Home Secretary has mentioned the 18-23 years old age group (non-BNO, HKSAR passport).


For those 18-23 years old who have BNO parent and can show they are still dependent on the BNO, they are counted as dependants for the BNO visa and can come to the UK with their BNO parent/s.


If the above, don’t apply to you:


  • 可以申請 Youth Mobility Scheme (working holiday)(Tier 5 visa)

o 每年有1000個名額

o 18至30歲 香港特區護照持有人


English requirement:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to learn English in the UK – where appropriate

  • On entry – no English language requirement

  • But will require a good knowledge of the English language if choose later to make an application for settled status (indefinite leave to remain, ILR) after 5 years


  • 在適當的情況下可以說/寫英文

  • 入黎英國時 - 不需要英語證明

  • 但是如果在5年後選擇申請 ILR - 則需要具備良好的英語知識


Tailor-made visa route – Hong Kong BNO visa

專門為BNO定制的簽證–Hong Kong BNO簽證

Timing of introduction of the visa


  • Autumn – with an associated fees order

  • Open applications from BNO citizens from January 2021

  • BNO citizens do not need to hold a BNO passport in order to do so if they have another valid passport that allows visa-free travel to the UK (HKSAR passport)

  • No need to apply for or renew a BNO passport specifically for the purpose of applying for the new BNO visa

  • 秋天–有相關的費用 (visa, IHS)

  • 從2021年1月起開放BNO公民的申請

  • BNO公民如果擁有另一本允許免簽證前往英國旅行的有效護照(香港特區護照),則無需要持有BNO護照。

  • 為了申請BNO簽證,無需要特別申請新的BNO護照 (如果已過期或遺失)


Application journey:

申請BNO 簽證流程:


Welcome to download for printing (English and Traditional Chinese)


移民英國的新政策 - BNO visa 1
Download PDF • 622KB

BNO visa - new immigration route 1
Download PDF • 527KB

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