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英國手機SIM卡 Mobile SIM cards in UK


This article will provide you with a guidance of mobile phone sim cards and how to order one for free in the UK. Yes, ordering an empty sim card without credit is free.


  • EE mobile(由BT擁有)– 最大的電信商,擁有3200萬客戶

  • O2 mobile(由Telefonica擁有)– 西班牙公司,擁有2400萬客戶

  • Vodafone mobile – 1750萬客戶

  • Three mobile(由香港長江實業擁有)– 990萬客戶

The 4 major mobile network providers in the UK are:

  • EE mobile (owned by BT) – the largest telecoms giant with 32 million customers

  • O2 mobile (owned by Telefonica) – Spanish company with 24 million customers

  • Vodafone mobile – 17.5 million customers

  • Three mobile (owned by Hong Kong Cheung Kong Holdings) – 9.9 million customers

這四個網絡商是唯一擁有英國移動網絡的公司。因此,其他小型網絡商需要和這四間網絡商其中之一合作以藉用信號。 這四個主要網絡商通常比其他附帶小型網絡商更昂貴。

These 4 networks are the only ones which own slices of the UK mobile network (signal to your phone). Therefore, other providers will need to partner and borrow signal from one of these 4 networks. The 4 main networks are usually more expensive than those that piggyback from it!

EE mobile:

  • BT mobile,

  • Plusnet mobile,

  • Virgin mobile (will switch to Vodafone by end of 2021),

  • Utility Warehouse,

  • 1pMobile,

  • The Phone Co-op

O2 mobile:

  • GiffGaff,

  • Sky mobile,

  • Tesco mobile,

  • LycaMobile


  • Asda mobile,

  • Lebara,

  • Voxi,

  • TalkMobile

Three mobile:

  • ID mobile,

  • Smarty,

  • FreedomPop

儘管這些附帶小型網絡商的 sim cards 可以提供更便宜的優惠,但不會提供大型網絡的優惠或免費贈品。例如,GiffGaff 用戶是用O2網絡,但不能使用 O2 Priority 應用程序以獲免費贈品或優惠。

Although these piggyback sims can offer cheaper deals, but you’ll miss out on freebies or deals that the big networks offer. For example, GiffGaff users have access to O2 network but not the O2 Priority app which offers freebies and deals.




4G or 5G?

As for now, the 5G coverage is still limited by location as this service has only started in 2019. For example, EE only provide 40% 5G services in London while O2 only provide 6.6% in London. Some smaller networks (e.g. Smarty) doesn’t support 5G network.

4G service is more common in the UK, but sometimes can downgrade to 3G.


Which network provides more signal?


There are still places where no 4G signal reaches at all!


Overall coverage in the UK for 4G


Urban mobile coverage


Rural mobile coverage

你可以使用以下 Ofcom 網站來查看你所住地區的網絡信號。

You can use Ofcom’s website below to check for mobile signal in your area.


If you are unhappy with your mobile coverage after signing up, you can cancel your contract within 14 days.


Best pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Sims

最佳即付即用 pay as you go(PAYG)Sims

PAYG 是你預先支付的金額,而且可以隨時充值,也不需要綁定任何合約。對於只需要臨時電話號碼或不經常使用手機的用戶來說,這是最好的選擇。

PAYG is when you pay an amount upfront and can top-up anytime, meaning you are not tied to any contracts. It is best for those who just need a phone number temporary or doesn’t use their mobile much.

直至2021年5月,Money Savingexpert 列出了幾項最佳 PAYG 的交易,而 1pMobile 網絡是最便宜的 PAYG Sim,每分鐘、每個 text 和每MB數據 只需 1p!但是,你需要每 4個月充值 £10,否則就會被自動斷開連接。

1pMobile 租借 EE網絡,因此如果你住的地區不適合使用EE,那麼你可以選擇其他網絡,例如 Three PAYG sim、Asda Mobile(Vodafone)或 Lebara Mobile(Vodafone)。

As of May 2021, Moneysavingexpert have listed few best PAYG deals and 1pMobile network is the cheapest PAYG Sim with 1p per minute, per text and per each MB data! However, you will need to top-up £10 every 4 months or you’ll be disconnected.

1pMobile piggybacks from EE network so if your area isn’t great with EE, then you can choose others like Three PAYG sim, Asda Mobile (Vodafone) or Lebara Mobile (Vodafone).

Best PAYG monthly SIM-only bundles

最佳 PAYG 每月合約 SIM 卡

These bundles have no contract but is loaded with minutes, texts and data per month.

無限和大數據 SIM 卡 deals(12個月合約)

Unlimited and Big data SIM only deals (12 month contracts)

iD mobile (Vodafone): £9/pm for 3 months, then £18pm after

  • Unlimited of 5G data

  • Unlimited minutes and texts

  • 12 months contract

BT Mobile (EE): £25/pm

  • 60GB of 5G data

  • Unlimited minutes and texts

  • includes BT Sport app

  • 12 months contract

Three: £15/pm

  • 100GB of 5G data

  • Unlimited minutes and texts

  • 12 months contract

Virgin Mobile (Vodafone): £16/pm

  • 50GB of 5G data

  • Unlimited minutes and texts

  • 12 months contract

If you are already a Virgin media customer, you could save £2 a month on your family’s SIMs deal.

只需選擇一個電信商SIM卡,在網上訂購即可免費送到你的英國地址。有些SIM卡需要你先付款 (分鐘和數據),但SIM卡是免費的。

Simiply choose a network SIM card, order online and deliver to your UK address for free. Some SIM cards require you to pay first, but the SIM card is free.


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