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約克郡移民服務部 Migration Yorkshire: 約克郡和亨伯區香港Hub Yorkshire & Humber Hong Kong Hub

住在或將會定居在約克郡(Yorkshire) 和亨伯區(Humber)(列如:利茲 Leeds, 錫菲 Sheffield, 約克 York, 豪城Hull & Harrogate)的香港BNO VISA朋友🇭🇰可以參加政府約克郡移民服務部Migration Yorkshire 的zoom event!

Migration Yorkshire 是負責主辦Yorkshire and Humber 地區的 Hong Kong Hub香港中心。 他們會協助解答港人來到當區的問題和幫大家融入當地的生活。m

For BNO visa Hong Kongers 🇭🇰who are living or thinking of settling in Yorkshire and Humber area (e.g Leeds, Sheffield, York, Hull & Harrogate), can come and join in the zoom meeting which is organised by Migration Yorkshire.

Migration Yorkshire leads the Hong Kong Hub for the Yorkshire and Humber area. They are friendly and will be able to answer any questions you have and help you to integrate into the local area!

星期三2021年9月8日 12-1pm

Wednesday 8th September, 2021 12-1pm

Zoom meeting code: 854 3342 5203

Passcode: MYHKBNO

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