Kent Adult Education

肯特郡 Council 的成人教育 (Kent Adult Education) 努力建立一系列支持 ESOL 語言發展的課程以支持香港 BNO 持有人。每位 BNO 簽證持有人有權獲得 £800 的英文/Life in the UK 課程。

Kent County Council's adult education have worked hard to set up a range of courses to support ESOL language development for Hong Kong BNO holders. Each BNO visa holder is entitled to a £800 English/Life in the UK course. Kent County council's adult education offer a range of courses to support ESOL language development.

這些課程包括, 但不限於:

The courses includes but not limited to:

  • Cambridge IELTS

  • Cambridge EFL

  • Trinity ESOL from pre-Entry to L2

  • Trinity SELT*

  • Life in the UK*

  • Functional Skills & GCSEs

請注意 旁邊有 * 的課程是英國政府接受的公民考試課程 *( B1 SELT 或 英國生活 (Life in the UK) )

Please note that the courses with *next to them are those courses accepted by British government for the Citizenship test. *(B1 SELT or Life in the UK)

這些課程由 肯特郡的 14 個主要中心、社區場所和/或通過 Zoom 提供。

These courses are delivered from 14 main centres across Kent, community venues and/or via Zoom.

  • Ashford

  • Broadstairs

  • Canterbury

  • Dartford

  • Deal

  • Dover

  • Folkestone

  • Gravesend

  • Maidstone

  • Margate

  • Sevenoaks

  • Sittingbourne

  • Tonbridge

  • Tunbridge Wells


Courses information can be found on:

如果你想了解更多關於如何使用 BN(O) 資助註冊課程的細節,或如果你找不到你想要的課程,請 email 去


If you would like more information on how to enrol onto the courses using the HK BNO funding or if you cannot find the course you want, please email:

They will conduct an initial assessment for you to understand which level you are at.

肯特成人教育還為香港 BNO 簽證持有人開設了融入英國社會的課程。

The Kent Adult Education have also created an integration course for HK BNO visa holders.

Course Code: MAI/114341/K/FF