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英國冬季和夏季時間 British Winter and Summer Time


儘管冬季較慢了一小時, 但是仍然會在下午三四點日落。 即使在夏季較快一小時後,日落仍是晚上9點之後!

The UK needs to implement a winter and a summer time. Due to the weather condition, the daytimes in the winter is shorter, whereas the daytimes in the summer is longer. Therefore, the UK will set the clocks one hour backward during winter, and set the clocks one hour forward during summer every year.

Although the winter time is set an hour backward, the sunset is at 3/4pm. Even after moving the clocks an hour early during summer, the sunset is after 9pm!


When do the clocks change?





Summer to winter time:

The clocks will set 1 hour backward at 2am on the last Sunday in October

Winter to summer time:

The clocks will set 1 hour forward at 1am on the last Sunday in March

Usually, your digital devices will change the time automatically. But please check whether your watch is a smart watch.


Remember to change your clock when time comes!


Updated: March 2023


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