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Application Process for State Primary and Secondary School ~ 公立中小學的申請程序

Applications for overseas children:


“School aged children of BN(O) visa holders will have access to public education.”

Stated on the Hong Kong BNO Visa policy statement.



  • As long as you have a right of abode in England, you can apply for a state school place here. However, you can’t apply until you have an address in the country and are living here (except for Forces/diplomatic families and for those applying to state boarding schools).

  • 只要你擁有英格蘭的居留權,就可以在這裡申請公立學校名額。 但是,除非你在國有住所並居住在這裡,否則你無法申請(軍事部隊/外交家庭以及申請公立寄宿學校的人除外)。

Children from overseas, not yet in the UK:


Generally, an application for a school place will not be considered until a child is in the UK.


Exception: Those whose passport has been endorsed to show that they have the right of abode in the UK.

  • a) Starting primary school or transfer to secondary school

  • b) In-year admissions

例外護照得到認可, 表明他們在英國具有居留權的人。

  • a) 上小學或轉中學

  • b) 年內入學 (插班生)

As the timetable for school applications starts nearly a year before admission, the Local Council may accept applications for children who are not currently in the UK, if they have a right of abode and if they have provided legitimate evidence that confirms:

  • They are planning a arrival to the UK in time for the start of the academic year; and

  • A residential link has been established in that County that would indicate the child will be living in that County when they are due to start school.


  • 他們必須在開學前到達英國

  • 在該區已有住址證明,孩子並和父母一起生活。

Evidences may include:

  • A written statement from the parent(s) of their intention to enter the UK, giving their reasons and an expected date

  • Sale/notice of rental of property abroad

  • Termination of a work contract abroad

  • Copy of work contract within the UK

  • Tenancy of property in that area

  • Confirmation of travel arrangement

  • Completion of purchase of property in the UK

  • Tenancy of property in the UK



  • 父母需要書面聲明打算進入英國的, 並說明理由和預計日期。

  • 出售/出租國外財產的通知

  • 在國外終止工作合約

  • 英國境內的工作合約副本

  • 該地區的財產租賃

  • 確認旅行安排

  • 在英國完成房地產購買

  • 英國的物業租賃



Different councils have different application process


Use your postcode to search for your local Council:


  • Many schools give priority to children whom their home address is closest to the school.

  • Any application for a place must be considered according to each school’s admission arrangements, regardless of the child’s immigration status.

  • Before considering an application for a place, the local authority or the admission authority for the school will need to establish that the child is in the UK.

  • 許多學校優先考慮其家庭住址最接近學校的孩子。

  • 不論孩子的移民身份, 都必須根據每所學校的入學安排考慮任何入學申請。

  • 在考慮申請名額之前,地方當局或學校的錄取當局需要確定孩子在英國。


Research your local state schools



Starting school in September, 2023


A school year runs from Sept to the following July. You can find your child’s year group in the table below.


School Year 2023/24

Age 年齡

Date of birth 出生日期


4 to 5

Sept 2017 to Aug 2018

Year 1

5 to 6

Sept 2016 to Aug 2017

Year 2

6 to 7

Sept 2015 to Aug 2016

Year 3

7 to 8

Sept 2014 to Aug 2015

Year 4

8 to 9

Sept 2013 to Aug 2014

Year 5

9 to 10

Sept 2012 to Aug 2013

Year 6

10 to 11

Sept 2011 to Aug 2012

Year 7

11 to 12

Sept 2010 to Aug 2011

Year 8

12 to 13

Sept 2009 to Aug 2010

Year 9

13 to 14

Sept 2008 to Aug 2009

Year 10

14 to 15

Sept 2007 to Aug 2008

Year 11

15 to 16

Sept 2006 to Aug 2007

Year 12

16 to 17

Sept 2005 to Aug 2006

Year 13

17 to 18

Sept 2004 to Aug 2005


How to apply?


Most receptions or nurseries are linked to primary school. You will still need to apply for a primary school place when moving from reception to Year 1. Same as secondary school.

  • You need to apply for a primary school place by using your council’s application form. For some schools, you can apply directly for a place with the school online.

  • For secondary school, apply for a place through the council.

  • You apply through your local council even if you’re applying for schools in another council area.

大多數 預備班 (receptions) 或 託兒所 (nurseries) 都與小學鏈接。然而從預備班升小一(Year 1)或從小學升中學,縱使為同一學校,家長仍需爲子女再次申請學位。

  • 家長需要通過所屬市政府(council)申請學位。 一部分小學可以在學校網站直接申請學位。

  • 中學需要通過市政府(council)申請名額。

  • 即使您正在其他市議會區域申請學校,你也要通過當地市議會申請。

  • 即使跨區申請學校,家長亦要通過你所屬的市政府 (council) 轉交學位申請到心儀學校所屬的市政府(council)。


Primary school~ 小學:

Secondary school~ 中學:

Apply directly with the school for:


  • a 6th form place at a school or college (16-18yrs old) with your GCSE results

  • a place at private school

  • 憑GCSE成績入讀 中學 Year 12 and Year 13(16-18歲)的名額

  • 私立學校


When to apply?


  • Applications open on different days in each local council area.

  • Usually, application opens at the start of the autumn term of the year before your child turn 4 yrs old for primary school.

  • Application opens at the start of the autumn term of Year 6 for secondary school.

  • Find out from your local council when applications open for primary or secondary schools.

  • It is important that you apply for a place as soon as possible!

  • Most grammar schools will need you to register for entrance test during the summer term of Year 5 (before the summer break). – please read our “State Grammar School” post

  • 每個地區的開始申請日期不同。

  • 一般申請小學會在你的孩子4歲入學前的一年的秋季學期開始。

  • 申請中學會在您的孩子在