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Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) 移民醫療費

在網上申請BNO簽證時,你還需要支付移民醫療費 (IHS) 作為申請的一部分。

When you are making an online BNO visa application, you will also need to pay for an IHS as part of your application.


Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

  • 成人 每年 £624

總共5年: £624 x 5 = £3120

  • 小童 每年 £470 (優惠價)

總共5年: £470 x 5= £2350

  • Adult: £624 per year

Total for 5 years £624 x 5 = £3120

  • Child: £470 per year (discounted)

Total for 5 years £470 x 5 = £2350

使用以下鏈結來支付 IHS 費用後

Once you have used the link below to pay for IHS

  • IHS 的 reference number 將發送到你的 email

  • 返回你BNO簽證申請表並使用此 reference number

  • 你只能使用該 reference number 一次

  • 最後完成你 BNO簽證申請表並支付簽證費

  • an IHS reference number will be sent to your email

  • return to your BNO visa application and use this reference number

  • you can only use this reference number once

  • finally, finish your BNO visa application form and pay your visa fee


You may apply for a refund if you meet the conditions

IHS 退款

IHS Refunds

內政部 (Home Office) 仍未公佈詳細資料給目前已經有簽證 (例如,學生或工作簽證) 並己經支付了相當的 IHS 費用,而又計劃轉換為BNO簽證的人士。


Home Office still hasn’t announced the full details for those who have already paid for IHS for their current visa (e.g. student or work visas) and are planning to switch to the BNO visa.

However, according to the guidelines from Home Office at the moment, you are not expected to pay twice so please see the following details.

在以下情況下,你將會獲得 IHS 的全額退款:

  • 你支付了兩次 IHS

  • 你的簽證申請被拒絕了

  • 你撤回了簽證申請

You’ll get a full IHS refund if:

  • You paid twice

  • Your visa application is refused

  • You withdraw your visa application

你將獲得 IHS 部分的退款,如果你的簽證申請成功但是:

You’ll get a partial IHS refund if your visa application’s successful but:

  • 獲得簽證的時間少於你要求的時間

  • 任何你受撫養家屬的簽證申請被拒絕了

  • You get less time on your visa than you asked for

  • Any dependants on your visa application are refused


If you are due to full or partial refund for these reasons, you do not have to do anything to get it. It will be automatically paid to the account or card you paid with.

New update:

從 10 月 1 日起, NHSBSA 負責處理 IHS退款。

From 1 October 2021, NHSBSA is the responsible to process the IHS reimbursement.

Contact the NHS BSA

If you’re in the UK

Telephone: 0300 330 7693

Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

If you’re outside the UK Telephone: +44 (0) 191 283 8937 Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm

You will not get a refund if:


  • 你的簽證申請成功,但你沒有來英國

  • 你在簽證結束前己經離開了英國,例如進行新的簽證申請*

  • 要求你在簽證到期前離開英國

  • 你正在申請無限期居留許可證 Indefinite Leave to Remain(ILR)

*對於那些目前正在使用簽證(例如學生簽證)逗留在來英國,並計劃轉換為 BNO簽證的人士,請確保你在英國境內進行申請!

  • Your visa application is successful but you don’t come to the UK

  • You leave the UK before your visa ends, e.g. to make a new application *

  • You’re told to leave the UK before your visa expires

  • You’re applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

*For those who are currently using a visa (e.g. student visa) to stay in the UK and are planning to switch to the BNO visa. Make sure you make your application inside the UK!


How long does the refund takes?



You will still need to pay for the IHS during your BNO visa application but will

get a refund within 6 weeks of getting a decision on your visa application if you

meet the requirement.

請點下網址去查看更多 IHS 退款流程的詳細資料。

Please click on the link to see further details of the refund process for IHS.

You can apply for fee waiver if you meet the conditions:



You and your dependents do not need to pay for IHS

  • 如果你擁有 Health and Care 工作者簽證

  • If you have a Health and Care Worker visa


More information please see the government website above.

暫時沒有保證已給了IHS的現有簽證人士一定會符合退款資格,請耐心等候內政部公布更多BNO visa 相關的資訊。

There is no gurantee and best to wait for Home Office full details to finalised whether current visa holders can get a refund / exempted.


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