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Nursery ~ 幼兒園

Pre-school Education & nursery (kindergarten) ~


  • Early Years Foundation Stage 0-4 years old

  • 4-5 years old – reception year

  • Must start learning when child turns 5 years old

  • 早期預科階段0-4歲

  • 4-5歲 - reception year

  • 孩子五歲時必須開始學習


Where to find nursery?

在哪裡搵幼兒園/幼稚園? - search for you council using your post code ~使用您的郵政編碼 (post code)搜尋你附近的幼兒園/幼稚園

● You will be directed to the relevant council website which will give you instructions of what to do ~ 您將會被定向到你自己的local council 網站 , 該網站會教你如何申請你附近的幼兒園/幼稚園和兒童讀書福利

  • o Example page ~ 例子: Surrey Council -

● Local Education Authority (LEA) (part of your council) – maintains nursery schools and classes

● 地方教育局(Local Education Authority, LEA)- 是你自己的Council 維持幼兒園/幼稚園

o These can be part time basis - morning or afternoon ~ 上下午班

o For children between 3-5 years old ~ 適用於3-5歲的兒童

o Some take 2 years old ~ 有一些幼兒園會接受2歲的兒童入讀

Nursery benefits


● In England – all 3-4 years old are entitled to up to 15 hours of funded early education and childcare a week for up to 38 weeks a year.

● 在英格蘭 (England) - 所有3-4歲的兒童有權每週獲得長達15個小時的學前教育和保姆資助 (每年共38個星期)

● Since 2017 – the government has increased the funded hours for 3-4 years old from 15 to 30 a week.

● 自2017年以來–政府將3-4歲兒童的資助從每週15個小時增加到30個小時。

  • Only available to families where both parents are working (or the sole parent is working in a lone parent family)

  • Each parent earns on average – a weekly minimum equivalent to 16 hours at National Minimum wage (NMW) or National Living wage (NLW)

  • 僅適用於雙方父母都要工作(或單親家庭的單親父/單親母要工作)

  • 每位父母平均收入– 每週最低收入相當於16小時的國家最低工資(National Minimum wage, NMW)或國民生活工資(National Living wage, NLW)

  • £120 a week (£6000 a year) for each parent over 25 years old

  • £112.80 a week (£5800 a year) for each parent between 21 – 24 years old

  • And less than £100,000 per year

  • 25歲以上的父母每人每週收入£120(每年收入£6000)

  • 21至24歲的每位父母每週收入£112.80(每年收入£5800)

  • 每年收入少於100,000英鎊


When will my child be eligible to receive funded early education?


Funded period starts from their 3rd birthday


Apply for 30 hours of free childcare – will need to sign up to get an eligibility code ~

申請30小時的免費 學前教育/幼兒園/幼稚園的讀書福利 - 需要註冊和獲得一個 eligibility code (Council 會俾你)


  • If you choose to defer their school start date or starting at a non-maintained (independent /private) school – can continue to receive funding until they reach their 5th birthday (starting statutory school) ~ 如果您選擇推遲他們的開學日期或從開始入讀私立學校–可以繼續獲得資助,直到他們滿5歲生日

  • If your child has a delayed start to their school place during the autumn funded period they cannot claim their funded entitlement. This is because the school will receive the funding from the beginning of the funded period, even if they are only attending part time. ~ 如果您的小朋友在秋季資學期助期間延遲上學,他們將無法申領秋季學期的資助。 這是因為學校將從資助學期期開始時就獲得資助,即使您的小朋友只是返 part-time。


Look at this 5 steps of choosing childcare


1. Make a list ~ 列出清單

Use this to search for your local family information service (FIS) (will direct you to your local council FISpage)

可以使用它 來搜索您的local family information service (FIS) (您將會定向到您的local FIS頁面)

2. Visit your shortlisting settings ~ 選擇條件

o What to look for?

  • Trained and experienced staff

  • Busy but relax – children seems happy and purposeful

  • Safe and clean premises – welcoming and friendly outside play space

  • Cultural sensitivity and responsiveness to children’s home life

  • Staff team and group of children reflect local ethnic and cultural groups

  • Fun activities planned each day

  • Planned exercise and quiet times to relax are important

  • A big welcome for you and your child

o 可以留意以下:

  • 訓練有素和經驗豐富的教育人員/老師/員工

  • 孩子們看起來開心, 放鬆且有目標

  • 安全整潔的場所 + 室外遊樂空間

  • 對兒童家庭生活的文化敏感性和反應能力

  • 員工團隊和兒童反映了當地的種族和文化群體

  • 每天計劃有趣的活動

  • 有運動和安靜放鬆時間

  • 歡迎您和您的小朋友

o What to ask?

  • Ratio of staff to children

  • Qualifications and/or experience do you have

  • Daily routine

  • Operate on a key worker scheme (one member of staff has main responsibility for your child?)

  • Polices on disciplines – how to manage children’s behaviour

  • Provision of meals, snacks, nappies etc. – will I need to provide them?

o 可以問:

  • 老師與小朋友的比例

  • 老師是否具備資格和/或經驗

  • 學生日常學校生活

  • 是否有一名教育人員/老師負責照顧睇住你的小朋友? 班主任?

  • 如何管理小朋友的行為

  • 是否有提供膳食,小吃,尿片等 - 家長是否需要自己提供?

o What will your child enjoy?

  • Friends – check a stable group of children who also attend the place

  • Food- check mealtimes are relaxed and fun and ask if children can help themselves to drinks and snacks

  • Fun outside – out area is well planned or not, spacious and safe

  • Ensure children have plenty of opportunity to learn new things

  • Feeling safe and loved

o 您的小朋友喜歡什麼?

  • 朋友–可以觀察吓其他小朋友的情緒

  • 食物 - 檢查用餐時間是否輕鬆愉快,小朋友可否自己攞飲品和小食

  • 室外遊樂空間 - 是否安全和寬敞

  • 小朋友有足夠的機會學習新事物

  • 小朋友感到安全和被愛

3. Check the Quality ~ 學校的質素

  • Childcare providers (including nurseries, childminders, children’s centres and extended school services) looking after children under the age of eight years usually have to be registered with Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills).

  • 八歲以下的托兒服務提供者(包括幼兒園/幼稚園,保姆,兒童中心和擴展學校服務)通常必須向Ofsted(the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills)註冊。

Ofsted visits all registered childcare services and makes sure that standards are being met and that children are safe. ~ Ofsted會訪問所有註冊的托兒服務,並確保達他們到標準並確保兒童安全。

4. Take up references ~ 推薦

  • Speak to other parents and see how this childcare provider do

  • 可以與其他父母交談去了解這所幼兒園/幼稚園

5. Book a place ~ 報名留學位


Independent school (private school) for 0-4 years old and Reception Year

私立學校 - 0-4歲 幼兒園/幼稚園

Private schools do offer education for reception year. This is called ‘pre-prep’.

私立學校都有提供幼兒教育 - 稱為“pre-prep”.

Example 1:

Example 2:


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