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Kent County Council


What is Kent County Council ("KCC")?

肯特郡政府 (KCC) 是地方"上層"政府的一種,負責管理肯特郡大部分地區的不同服務。它進一步分為 12 個自治市政府、市政府和區議會,也稱為下級政府。

KCC 負責提供公共服務,例如交通、社會、公共安全和教育。

肯特居民和區議員(也稱為民選議員,是由居民選出並代表肯特地區的人),他們在議會中對決策有影響力。居民可以註冊 KCC 的居民電子通訊,以了解最新消息。

Kent County Council is a form of local "upper-tier" government responsible for governing different services in most areas of Kent county. It is further divided into 12 borough, city and district councils also known as lower-tier government.

The council is responsible for providing public services, such as transport, social, public safety and education.

Kent residents and county councillors (also known as elected members, are people elected by residents and who represent an area of Kent), they play an important role within councils by influencing decision making and services they would like to see in their local areas.

Residents can sign up to KCC's residents e-newsletter to remain up to date with the latest news.


12 個肯特自治市政府、市政府和區議會
12 Kent borough, city and district councils

肯特分為 12 個區域,由自治市政府、市政府和區議會組成。也稱為“下層”政府。這些區域進一步分為民政教區、社區和鎮議會 (有時也是單一管理區)。

Medway 不屬於肯特郡政府 (KCC)。它是一個獨立的區域,由肯特郡的 Medway 單一管理區管理。

Kent is divided into 12 local authority areas made up of borough, city and district councils. Also known as ‘lower-tier’ government. These local authorities are further divided into civil parishes, community and town councils, which operate at a level below district, city and borough councils (sometimes also unitary authorities).

Medway is not part of Kent County Council. It is a separate local authority governed by the Medway Unitary Authority in Kent.

Crown Copyright & Database Right 2021 Ordnance Survey 100019238. Presented by: Kent Analytics, Kent County Council


The 12 local authority areas are as follows:


District and borough councils

與縣議會相比,區議會覆蓋的區域更小,但提供當地服務更多。兩者都可以選出一名議員來代表特定地區。區議會: 每個縣都分為區。區議會也可以是自治市政府或市政府,如果他們獲得了那種地位。區比行政區覆蓋更大的區域。

自治市政府: 一個地區內的一個較小的區域,合併鎮。


  • 規劃許可申請

  • 垃圾收集

  • 商業費率

  • 地區稅 (Council tax)

  • 選民登記冊

  • 房屋

  • 停車罰款等等!

District and borough councils cover a smaller area and provide more local services than county councils. Both can elect a member of Parliament to represent a particular area.

District councils - each county is separated into districts. District councils can also be a borough or city council if they have gained that status. Districts cover a significant area than a borough.

Borough councils - a smaller area, incorporated town, within a district.

District and borough councils can help you with:

  • planning permission applications

  • rubbish collection

  • business rates

  • Council Tax

  • electoral register

  • housing

  • parking fines, and more!



選舉每 4 年舉行一次,居民投票決定由哪些縣議員組成議會。這些議員被賦予作為理事會成員的特定職責,例如作為委員會成員。在肯特郡政府網站上搜索您當地的議員。

上一次郡議會選舉於 2021 年舉行。有關更多信息,請查詢其網站上的肯特郡政府網頁

Elections run every 4 years, where residents vote on which county councillors make up the council. Those councillors are given specific responsibilities as members of the council, such as being a committee member. Search for your local councillor on the Kent County Council website.

The previous county council election was held in 2021. For further information, visit the Kent County Council election page on their website.


Where is Kent County Council based?

肯特郡政府 6 個辦事處,如下所示:

Kent County Council have 6 offices across Kent as follows:

  • County Hall – Maidstone

  • Maidstone House – Maidstone

  • Worrall House – Kings Hill

  • Kroner House – Ashford

  • Joynes House – Gravesend

  • Montague House – Tunbridge Wells

特別注意,上述辦公室有些是不對公眾開放。想知道它們是否公開開放,請查詢 KCC 網站或聯繫肯特郡政府以獲取最新信息。

It’s important to note that the above offices may not be opened for the public. To find out if they are open publicly, please visit the KCC website or contact Kent County Council for the latest information.


What is a Kent County Council Gateway?

Gateways 是有顧問介紹當地公共服務。可以詢問一些服務包括:

  • 通過圖書館使用電腦

  • 申請傷殘泊車證

  • 改建計劃

  • 登記死亡或出生

  • 更新停車證

  • 約肯特君政府等人士交談

這裡找到您當地 Gateway here.

Gateways are places where you can access local public services with support from an Adviser. Some services you can access include:

  • Access to a computer (through a Kent Library)

  • Applying for a blue badge

  • Planning permission

  • Register a death or birth

  • Renew your parking permit

  • Speak to someone from Kent County Council, and more

Find your local Gateway here.



要獲取更多信息, 你可查詢以下:

To gain more information about a service, you can do the following:


How to contact Kent County Council

到 KCC 網站上的“聯繫我們”頁面,您可以在該頁面中從一系列服務中進行選擇,以聯繫方式以及有關特定服務的更多信息。

一般查詢,可致電 03000 41 41 41 (週一至週五,上午 9 點至下午 5 點)。

Visit Kent County Council’s ‘Contact us’ page on their website where you can select from a range of services to find out contact details and further information about a specific service.

For general enquiries, you can call: 03000 41 41 41 (Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm).




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