Ebbsfleet (埃布斯弗利特), Kent (肯特)

Ebbsfleet is a new and developing town in North of Kent, South East England. It is a convenient commuter town with only 18mins by high-speed rail to London St Pancras Station.

Ebbsfleet mainly sits in the Dartford borough with only a small part in the east lies within the Gravesham borough. It is about 29 miles east of London, and the M25 motorway is only 3 miles away.

Ebbsfleet Valley is one of the first UK Garden City. Ebbsfleet Garden City will be created around the Ebbsfleet International Station with 33,000 new residents and up to 30,000 new jobs.

UK has announced a plan for a new London resort theme park and a water resort are set to be built in that area by 2024. Construction will begin next year 2021.

埃布斯弗利特 (Ebbsfleet) 是英格蘭東南部肯特(Kent)北部的一個新興小鎮。這是一個方便的通勤小鎮 (commuter town),乘坐高鐵只需18分鐘即可到達倫敦聖潘克拉斯火車站。

埃布斯弗利特(Ebbsfleet)主要位於達特福德(Dartford)自治市鎮,東部只有一小部分位於格拉夫舍姆(Gravesham)自治市鎮。它位於倫敦以東約29英里,M25高速公路只是 3英里遠。

埃布斯弗利特山谷(Ebbsfleet Valley) 是英國最早的花園城市之一。Ebbsfleet國際車站周圍將創建花園城,將有33,000名新居民和多達30,000個新工作。


Reference: https://www.cps.gov.uk/south-east

Transport 交通

Some of the major London stations:

1 – London Victoria

2 – London Bridge

3 – London St Pancras International

4 – London Waterloo

5 – London Paddington

6 – London Euston

7 – London Liverpool Street

Ref: https://www.healthygardencity.co.uk/resources/#!

Train 火車

Direct High speed trains to London and Paris, France


Ebbsfleet to London

Ebbsfleet to London St Pancras International (倫敦聖潘克拉斯國際車站)

Southeastern High-Speed rail (HS1): 18mins


Train price 火車價格 (September 2020)

Weekly season ticket 週票: £123.80

Monthly season ticket 月票: £475.40

Annual season ticket 年票: £4952

Ebbsfleet to London Stratford International

Southeastern High-Speed rail (HS1): 12mins

Train price 火車價格 (September 2020)

Weekly season ticket 週票: £104.80

Monthly season ticket 月票: £402.50

Annual season ticket 年票: £4192

Ebbsfleet to Paris, France (法國巴黎)

Eurostar 歐洲之星: 2h5mins

(Currently not stopping at Ebbsfleet until 2022 due to Covid19)



Eurostar price 歐洲之星價格

Return ticket: from £78 (if booked in advance)


Car 揸車

Driving to Central London: 50mins to 1h30mins (depending on traffics)


The London Resort Theme Park 倫敦度假主題公園

Ref: https://www.healthygardencity.co.uk/resources/#!

Ebbsfleet House Prices

Average House Price 平均房價 (2020):



Sale 買: can use the link below to consider 以下連結可作參考


(Many houses are new build 很多房屋都是新建的)

Rental 租:


Education 教育

Schools in Ebbsfleet 學校

In terms of schools, Ebbsfleet is a developing new town, so there are only a few primary and secondary schools nearby. As Ebbsfleet Valley expands, they will built a big education campus, including primary and secondary schools.

就學校而言,埃布斯弗利特(Ebbsfleet)是一個正在發展的新市鎮,因此附近只有數間中小學。隨著埃布斯弗利特山谷 (Ebbsfleet Valley)的擴張,他們將建立一個大型的教育園區,包括中小學。

Ofsted rating: List of schools’ ratings in Ebbsfleet Valley (學校排名)


State Schools 政府資助學校 (公校)

Primary 小學

1) Cherry Orchard Primary Academy (Mixed Gender) – Age 2 to 11


Ofsted Rating: No Ofsted (New School)


Distance from Ebbsfleet Valley 與學校的距離: 0.56miles (英里)

Religious 宗教信仰: None 無

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