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Chatham (漆咸), Kent (肯特郡)

Chatham is a town located in the north of Kent and is next to Rochester (15-20 minutes walking distance). The town is developed around the Chatham Historical Dockyard which has now become a maritime museum.

Chatham has good road and railway links which make it a commuter town for London. Chatham is about 38 miles (61km) away from London.

The county of Kent is located in the South East of England and is one of the home counties. Home counties are counties of England which surrounds London.

Kent is a lovely county to live in. The atmosphere is countryside therefore it is good for escaping from living in a busy city life!

漆咸(Chatham)位於肯特郡的北部和非常近羅切斯特(Rochester)。 步行只需要大約 15 至 20 分鐘。漆咸的發展圍繞住漆咸歷史造船廠 (Chatham Historical Dockyard) ,如今 已成為海上博物館 (Maritime Museum)。

漆咸擁有良好的公路和交通鐵路,使其成為倫敦的通勤城市。現在有好多人都住在這 裏每天坐火車去倫敦返工。漆咸位於肯特郡的北部,距倫敦約 38 英里(61 公里)。

Home Counties 就是圍繞倫敦的外圍的郡。大多數的通勤城鎮都是在 Home Counties。肯 特郡(Kent)生活樸素,擁有好多綠色環境,是一個可以避免忙碌城市生活的地方。

Some of the major London stations:

1 – London Victoria

2 – London Bridge

3 – London St Pancras International

4 – London Waterloo

5 – London Paddington

6 – London Euston

7 – London Liverpool Street


Transportations 交通

• Train 火車

o Chatham to London

Chatham – London St Pancras International

Southeastern: 41 minutes (high speed train)

Thameslink: 1 hour 35 minutes (slow train)

Chatham – London Victoria

Southeastern: 46 – 49 minutes (fast train), 1 hour 12 minutes (slow train)

Train price 火車價格 (September 2020)

Weekly season ticket 週票:

£109.3 (fast and slow train); £137 (high speed train)

Monthly season ticket 月票:

£419.8 (fast and slow train); £526.10 (high speed train)

Annual season ticket 年票:

£4372 (fast and slow train); £5480 (high speed train)

• Car 駕駛

Driving to Central London:

55 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes via A2 road (depends on traffic)


House Prices in Chatham

Sale 買樓: can use the link below to consider 可以用下面條 link 作為參考

£200,000 can buy 可以買到

Flat 公寓 – 2 bedrooms

Terrace House 排屋 – 2/3 bedrooms

£250,000 can buy 可以買到

Terrace House 排屋 – 2/3/4 bedrooms

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 – 3 bedrooms

£300,000 can buy 可以買到

Terrace House 排屋 – 3 bedrooms

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 – 3/4 bedrooms

Detached House 獨立屋 – 3/4 bedrooms

Bungalow 平房 – 3 bedrooms

£350,000 - £400,000 can buy 可以買到

Terrace House 排屋 – 3 bedrooms

Semi-Detached House 半獨立屋 – 3/4 bedrooms

Detached House 獨立屋 – 2/3/4 bedrooms


Education 教育

Schools 學校 in Chatham

Ofsted rating: List of schools’ ratings in Chatham and Aylesford

o State Schools 政府資助學校 (公校)

Grammar Schools 文法中學

  • Getting into Medway Grammar Schools advice

  • 如何入讀 Medway (這區) 的文法中學

  • Will have to take the Medway Test in order to get into the local grammar school

  • 需要考試 (Medway / Kent Test) 才可以入讀這區 (Medway) 的文法中學

• Chatham Grammar (Girls) Age: 11-18

Rainham Road, Chatham, ME5 7EH

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None

• Holcombe Grammar (Boys) Age: 11-18

Holcombe, Chatham, ME4 6JB

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None

Comprehensive Schools 綜合學校


Secondary School 中學

• Greenacre Academy (Boys) Age: 11-18

157 Walderslade Road, Chatham, ME5 0LP

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None

• St John Fisher Catholic Comprehensive School (Mixed) - Age: 11 to 18

Ordnance Street, Chatham, ME4 6SG

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: Roman Catholic

• The Victory Academy (Mixed) - Age: 11 to 18

Magpie Hall Road, Chatham, ME4 5JB

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None

• Walderslade Girl’s School (Girls)

Bradfields Avenue, Chatham, ME5 0LE

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None Age: 11-18

Nursery/ Infant School 幼兒園/幼稚園 + Pre-school (Year 1 and 2) 小學 一年級 二年級

• Greenvale Infant School (Mixed Gender) Age: 3-7

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Primary School 小學

• Luton Junior School (Mixed Gender) Age: 3-11

(+ Luton Infant & Nursery School, started on 01/09/2020)

Luton Road, Chatham, ME4 5AW

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (1)

Religious: None

• St Thomas More Roman Catholic Primary School (Mixed Gender) Age: 4-11

Bleakewood Road, Chatham, ME5 0NF

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (1)

Religious: Roman Catholic

All Saints Church of England Primary School (Mixed Gender) Age: 2-11

Magpie Hall Road, Chatham, ME4 5JY

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: Church of England

• Balfour Junior Academy (Mixed Gender) Age: 2-11

Balfour Road, Chatham, ME4 6XQ

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None

• Kingfisher Community Primary School (Mixed Gender) Age: 3-11

Kingfisher Drive, Chatham, ME5 7NX

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None

• Lordwood School (Mixed Gender) Age: 3-11

Lordwood Lane, Chatham, ME5 8NN

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None

Special School 特殊學校

• Lordwood School (Mixed Gender) Age: 4 -19

Churchill Avenue, Chatham, ME5 0LB

Ofsted Rating: Outstanding (1)

Religious: None

• INSPIRE Free Special School (Mixed Gender) Age: 11-18

Churchill Avenue, Chatham, ME5 0LB

Ofsted Rating: Good (2)

Religious: None


Chatham High Street 漆咸大街

Chatham has all the chain shops and banks. There are also some Turkish convenient shops which sell food, vegetables. There is also a shopping mall (Pentagon) with shops and restaurants.

Residents living in Rochester would come to Chatham to do their banking and shopping.

The majority of the residents in Chatham: White-British, Black-British, Indian-British and Middle Eastern. Far fewer Asians and Asian-British.

漆咸 (Chatham)大街擁有連鎖店和銀行。 也有一些土耳其商店出售食品,蔬菜和日 用品。 漆咸還有一個購物中心(The Pentagon),有商店和餐廳。


大部份住在漆咸的人: 英國白人,英裔黑人 ,英裔印度人和中東人。亞洲人和英裔亞 洲人非常少。

Pentagon Shopping Centre

The shopping centre includes:

Primark, Boots, Card Factory, Poundland, DW Sports, Superdrug, Greggs, Bowling Alley...etc

Public toilets: Not free... 20p per entry

Entry of the Pentagon Shopping Mall (near Chatham Waterfront bus station)

Chatham's Waterfront Bus Station

The River Medway


Healthcare 醫療

Hospitals 醫院

1. Medway Maritime Hospital (1.7 miles) – 9 minutes driving from town centre

NHS Hospital Windmill Road Gillingham Kent ME7 5NY

• A&E • Anaesthetics • Cancer services • Critical Care • Pain Medicine • Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma • Paediatrics • Pathology

NHS Dental 牙醫

1. Chatham Dental Surgery

2. Premier Dental Care

3. Ashley Lupin & Associate

Make sure you call the dental practice and find out whether they take on NHS patients. Sometimes you might need to go further to find a practice such as in Rochester and Gillingham.

有需要親自打電話去牙醫診所問他們會否接受 NHS 病人申請。有可能需要去遠一點 (Rochester, Gillingham) 去看牙醫。


Local Government 地方政府:

Medway Council -

Unitary authority – have the powers of a non-metropolitan county (Kent County Council) and District Council combined.

單一管理區 – 負責郡政府 (肯特郡政府 Kent County Council) 和區政府的事務。

e.g. Local grammar school exam 文法中學考試 – the Medway Test

Refer to the document: Councils and MPs for further explanation

請參閱文檔: 地方議會和國會議員 以獲取更多解釋

MP 國會議員

Constituency 選區: Chatham and Aylesford

Local Councillors 地方/區議員– represent for your local community and are elected

代表你住的社區 (ward)。他們需要參選由投票中選出來。

Find your local councillors 尋找你的地方/區議員:

Example Ward (社區):

Chatham Central


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