Application Process for State Primary and Secondary School ~ 公立中小學的申請程序

Applications for overseas children:


“School aged children of BN(O) visa holders will have access to public education.”

Stated on the Hong Kong BNO Visa policy statement.



  • As long as you have a right of abode in England, you can apply for a state school place here. However, you can’t apply until you have an address in the country and are living here (except for Forces/diplomatic families and for those applying to state boarding schools).

  • 只要你擁有英格蘭的居留權,就可以在這裡申請公立學校名額。 但是,除非你在國有住所並居住在這裡,否則你無法申請(軍事部隊/外交家庭以及申請公立寄宿學校的人除外)。

Children from overseas, not yet in the UK:


Generally, an application for a school place will not be considered until a child is in the UK.


Exception: Those whose passport has been endorsed to show that they have the right of abode in the UK.

  • a) Starting primary school or transfer to secondary school

  • b) In-year admissions

例外護照得到認可, 表明他們在英國具有居留權的人。

  • a) 上小學或轉中學

  • b) 年內入學 (插班生)

As the timetable for school applications starts nearly a year before admission, the Local Council may accept applications for children who are not currently in the UK, if they have a right of abode and if they have provided legitimate evidence that confirms:

  • They are planning a arrival to the UK in time for the start of the academic year; and

  • A residential link has been established in that County that would indicate the child will be living in that County when they are due to start school.


  • 他們必須在開學前到達英國

  • 在該區已有住址證明,孩子並和父母一起生活。

Evidences may include:

  • A written statement from the parent(s) of their intention to enter the UK, giving their reasons and an expected date

  • Sale/notice of rental of property abroad

  • Termination of a work contract abroad

  • Copy of work contract within the UK

  • Tenancy of property in that area

  • Confirmation of travel arrangement

  • Completion of purchase of property in the UK

  • Tenancy of property in the UK