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在英國境內申請轉換為 Leave Outside the Rule (LOTR) 身份

Switching to Leave Outside the Rule (LOTR) status inside the UK

New Update: 22/06/2021

Home Office 已決定將邊境申請 LOTR 計劃延長至7月19日。->內政部 Home Office 確認

Home Office will extend the Leave Outside the Rules (LOTR) at the border scheme until 19th July -> Confirmed by Home Office

對於計劃在英國境內申請 BNO Visa 的香港人


英國有一條法例 根據《 1971年移民法》第3C Leave:

  • 如果你在簽證到期之前申請新的簽證 (BNO Visa),那麼你的居留日期將自動延長,直到你收到 Home Office 的決定。



For Hong Kongers who are planning to apply BNO Visa inside the UK

If you are planning to apply for BNO Visa on 31st Jan 2021 and your current visa expires on or after 31st January, then you don’t need to switch or apply for LOTR.

The UK law in Section 3C Leave under the Immigration Act 1971:

If you make a new visa application (BNO Visa) BEFORE your current visa expires, then your permission to stay will automatically be extended until you receive the decision from Home Office.

For those who still wish to apply LOTR inside UK, please beware that it is unlikely to get the LOTR status before 31st Jan due to the workload in relation to COVID and holidays.

If your current visa expires before 31st Jan 2021, please continue to read below


Source 來源: Home Office 內政部

For those BNOs and their dependents (with HKSAR passport) who are already in the UK can now apply for the Leave Outside the Rule (LOTR) status within the UK.

對於已經在英國的 BNO 及其家屬(持有香港特區護照),現在可以在英國境內申請 LOTR 身份。

New update from HO: 11/12/2020

當你找到工作時,可以給你新公司的人事部 (HR) 看這政府 Home Office 的連結。LOTR 的印章是證明你有資格在英國工作。

When you find a job, you can show this Home Office website link to your new company's HR. The LOTR stamp is a prove of your right to work in the UK.

Common reasons to switch to LOTR before the BNO visa is available in January 2021:

在 2021 年 1 月獲得 BNO 簽證之前轉為 LOTR 的常見原因:

  • 6 months visitor status is up

  • Student (Tier 4) or Youth Mobility (Working Holiday Tier 5) visas are about to expire

  • Come off from Tier 2 visa (work visa) - found a new job (no visa sponsorship) or end of employment. In normal circumstance, you will need to get a new Tier 2 visa to work in a new company.

  • 6 個月的旅遊身份已到期

  • 學生(Tier 4)或 工作假期(Tier 5)簽證已到期

  • 離開Tier 2 簽證(工作簽證) 因為找到新的工作(公司無簽證贊助)或現有的雇主終止雇員合約。在正常情況下,你是需要獲得新的Tier 2簽證才能在新公司工作

Concession given to apply for LOTR inside the UK: COVID-19 Pandemic

原因放寬現在可以在英國境內申請 LOTR 身份: COVID-19 疫情

How to apply?


Click the 'Apply now' button at the bottom of this page

However, you will have to pay for the application fee and the Immigration Health Surcharge fee.

但是,你需要支付申請費 (application fee) 和移民醫療費 (Immigration Health Surcharge fee)。

Application Fee 申請費: £1033

Application made in the UK

Immigration Health Surcharge

移民醫療費: £1000

(fact checked via filling in application 通過填寫申請表檢查事實)

You will also need to post your original passport and relevant documents for the Home Office to process your application.


You can apply for fee waiver if you meet the conditions:


Suggestion 建議

If you need to switch to LOTR due to expire visitor status or visa:

  • Best to exit the UK to Europe for few days and return to the UK

  • Get LOTR at the border

  • No application fees

  • No health surcharge fee

If you have a visa and is not expired:

  • just wait until January 2021 to get the BNO visa

  • It might affect the outcome of switching to LOTR as you are safe and have the right in the UK

Example 1: Someone with a valid student visa (dependent of BNO with BNO parent) tried switch to LOTR at the border. LOTR wasn’t granted as have a valid visa that expires few years later.

Example 2: A valid Tier 2 work visa holder (expires in a few years time) has SUCCESSFULLY switched to LOTR.

Presenter evidence at the border including:

  • Termination letter of the Tier 2 visa job

  • New job offer letter (evidence of financial income and the need for LOTR)

  • The Biometric Resident Permit (BRP) of the Tier 2 visa was taken away as the status in the UK is now LOTR (stamp in passport)

如果旅遊身份或簽證已到期而有需要轉為 LOTR 身份:

  • 最好離開英國前往歐洲幾天,然後返回英國

  • 在邊境申請 LOTR

  • 冇申請費

  • 冇移民醫療費

如果你有有效的簽證 (末到期):

  • 等到 2021 年 1 月申請 BNO 簽證

  • 因為你己經有簽證所以有可能影響轉為 LOTR 身份。 在內政部眼中,你是安全和有合法身份留在英國

例子 1: BNO 家屬 持有有效學生簽證 (當時跟 BNO 父母一起) 試圖在邊境 申請轉為 LOTR。 沒有給予 LOTR,因為學生簽證有效至幾年之後。

例子2: 有效的Tier 2 工作簽證持有人(簽證有效至幾年後)成功 轉為LOTR。


  • Tier 2 工作離職信

  • 新工作的聘書(財務收入證明和原因需要轉為LOTR)

  • 發出的Tier 2 居民證 (Biometric Resident Permit, BRP) 都即場 被取消,因為現在入境英國的身份為LOTR(用護照上的印章作準)


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