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Healthcare in the UK --英國的醫療

NHS (National Health Service)

Seeing a Doctor


  • Need to register with a General Practice (GP) Surgery.

  • GP Surgery will only take in patients within a certain post code area.

  • Search your local GP Surgery

  • Some GPs cannot take in new patients.

  • Speak to your neighbours or friends who live in the same area to see which GP they use as recommendation.

  • Go online and see comments about the surgery.

  • Some surgery might have more services than the others – do your research.

  • You can always switch to a different GP if you don’t like your current one.

  • It is free of charge to see the doctor (NHS service).

  • 需要去家庭醫生 (General Practice, GP) 診所 (Surgery) 進行登記

  • GP Surgery只接受居住在區內的市民 (睇post code)

  • 可以上網查看你附近的 GP Surgery

  • 有些 GP Surgery 可能無法接受新的申請 (Full 咗!)

  • 需要找叧一間診所

  • 可以問問鄰居或朋友他們是用邊間診所

  • 可以上網查看診所的評論

  • 某些診所可能比其他診所提供更多的醫療服務 (要做Research!)

  • 如果您不喜歡現在的 GP Surgery,您是可以換去另一間

  • 在英國睇醫生是免費 (NHS 服務)


Register at a GP


  • Physically register at the GP surgery

  • With COVID-19 – fill in an online registration form GMS1

  • ID – BNO passport / driving licence

  • Proof of address – driving licence / utility bills / bank statement

  • NHS number – you should have this after paying the immigration health surcharge (IHS)

  • 親身去診所進行登記

  • 可以上網去診所網站進行登記 - 填寫GMS1表格 (因爲COVID-19)

  • 需要ID – BNO護照/駕駛執照

  • 住址證明–駕駛執照/水電煤單/銀行月結單

  • NHS號碼 - 當你支付 immigration health surcharge 費用之後 , 你將會得到這個號碼


What to Expect From the Healthcare (NHS) in the UK?


● It is different to Hong Kong.

● Some areas might be hard to get a GP appointment, especially in high population areas.

● Different surgeries have different rules ~ often call in the morning or queue in and register at the surgery.

● If your illness is minor, then you will get to see a nurse or paramedic (they have authority to issue prescriptions if you need medicines).

● If you have a normal cold, unless you have a cold for a week or more, and you have some symptoms and the condition is worsen, the doctor will then prescribe you the medicine (unlike Hong Kong).

If you visit a GP for a normal cold,

  • Advise from GP is – go and drink some more water with honey and lemon

  • No medicine will be given to you, unless you really need it (Such as antibiotics)

  • Best to have some medicine at home (bring it from Hong Kong, buy some cough medicine, paracetamol, ibuprofen)

● Make your own decision – it is always worth calling you GP surgery and get advice when you feel ill.

● Your GP will write a referral if you require a specialist and you will be referred to your nearest hospital for appointments.

● Some GPs can provide a different language (will need to check!)

● If you need interpretation and translation services in Cantonese – you can always let the surgery know you need this service during your appointment. The surgery has a system

which they can call for interpretation over the phone.

● 與香港有不同

● 有些地區可能唔容易預約 GP 醫生,特別是在人口稠密地區。

● 不同的 GP surgeries 有不同的規則 ~ 經常在早上打電話或排隊等候。

● 如果病情不是太嚴重,好大機會是睇護士或救護員 (如果您需要藥物,他們有權開處方)

● 如果您患了正常感冒,除非您感冒了一個星期或以上,並且出現了某些症狀而且

情況變差了 ,醫生先會開藥 (與香港不同)。

如果您去看普通的感冒 :

  • 他們會建議去飲蜂蜜檸檬水

  • 不會特別開藥 – 徐非真是有需要 (例如抗生素)

  • 最好家中買定一些藥 (從香港帶回來 或 買定一些咳藥水,撲熱息痛 [Paracetamol, Panadol],布洛芬 [Ibuprofen])

● 到最後自己作出決定–如果唔舒服就打電話俾GP

● 睇專科 – GP 會寫轉介信,轉介到最近的醫院排隊睇專科

● 有一些GP Surgery可以提供翻譯 (需要向GP Surgery 查詢)

● 如果您需要廣東話的翻譯服務,您可以在預先通知 GP Surgery。他們有一個



NHS~ Walk-In Centre

If your GP is unavailable, there is the Walk-In centre:

  • The Walk-In centre will be called Urgent treatment centre from autumn 2020, can be used to treat minor illnesses and injuries.

  • It is often managed by nurses but some centre do have access to doctors.

  • They're open early till late, and most are open 365 days a year and offer advice and treatment without the need for an appointment.

如果您不能預約你的GP,有一個 Walk-In centre:

  • Walk-In centre 將從2020年秋季開始稱為緊急治療中心 (Urgent Treatment Centre), 可用於治療輕微疾病和傷患。

  • 它通常由護士管理,但某些中心確實可以與醫生接觸。

  • 他們營業時間從早到晚,大多數營業時間為一年365天,無需預約即可提供建議和治療。

Find your nearest Walk In centre:

找您最近的 Walk In centre:

More information on when to visit a Walk-In centre:

有關何時訪問 Walk-In centre 的更多信息:


NHS 111

● This is free for non-emergency conditions – Call 111

● You can use this service when:

  • During out of hours when your surgery is closed (evening / weekends)

  • If you haven’t registered with a GP yet and need medical help

  • During the day when you are not close to your GP

● NHS 111 will connect to the call centre in your area.

● They can arrange appointments in hospitals for you to see doctors or send paramedics.

● 非緊急情況 – 致電111 (免費)

● 您可以在以下情況下使用NHS 111:

  • GP Surgery 休息 (晚上/週末)

  • 如果您還未去 GP Surgery登記並需要睇醫生

  • 您不在您的GP Surgery附近 (e.g. 去了另一個地區)

● NHS 111將連接到您所在地區的呼叫中心

● 他們可以安排您去醫院/診所睇醫生




  • Call 999

  • A&E – free of charge (NHS service)

  • 致電999

  • 急症室 (A&E) – 免費 (NHS服務)



● You will need to pay for medicines in England, which is different to Hong Kong. However, the NHS prescriptions in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are free!

● Some medicines can be purchased over the counter (not controlled).

  • Sometimes it is cheaper to purchase them from the pharmacy directly rather than using a prescription.

  • Always ask the pharmacist if you can purchase the medicine without prescription. Examples: eye drops, paracetamol, ibuprofen

● 英格蘭與香港不同,您需要支付藥費。蘇格蘭、威爾斯和北愛爾蘭的NHS藥物是免費的。

● 有一些藥品可以直接跟藥房買 [over the counter] (不需要醫生開)

  • 可以問藥劑師是否可以不需處方就購買藥物

  • 有時直接跟藥房買會比用NHS prescription 處方價錢更便宜 (e.g. 眼藥水,撲熱息痛 [Paracetamol, Panadol],布洛芬 [Ibuprofen])

  • 要有醫生處方的藥物 (e.g. 抗生素)

● Some are prescription medicines (e.g. antibiotics)

  • £9.35 per item

● 買處方藥物 = 每樣£9.35

(price in April 2021)

If you need medicine regularly (e.g. every month):

  • Consider purchasing an NHS prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) .


  • You get an unlimited number of prescriptions.

  • £30.25 for 3 months (price in April 2021)

  • £108.10 for 12 months (or 10 Direct Debit instalments of £10.81) (price in April 2021)

  • You show your certificate at the pharmacy counter when they ask you whether you need to pay for your prescription

  • If you don’t have your PPC yet but planning to get one / hasn’t arrived yet – ask the pharmacist for the FP57 form (NHS refund form) !

  • ■ Pay for the prescription first

  • ■ When your PPC arrives – bring this FP57 form to get your money back

  • ■ You must do this at the time you collect and pay for your prescription!

  • ■ You must claim your refund within 3 months of your paying.

如果你時常需要買藥 (例如每月)

  • 可以考慮購買 NHS prescription prepayment certificate (PPC)

  • 冇限制處方藥物數量

  • £30.25 – 3個月 (價錢04/2021)

  • £108.10 – 12個月 (分期10個月付款 – 每個月£10.81) (價錢04/2021)

  • 當藥房問您是否需要支付處方藥物時,您需要出示你的PPC

  • 如果您還沒有PPC,但打算購買/尚未收到,請向藥劑師索取FP57表格(NHS退款表格!)

  • ■ 首先支付處方費用

  • ■ 您必須在付錢時問藥劑師拿FP57表格

  • ■ 當您收到您的PPC時,請帶你的FP57表格一齊去藥房取回您的錢

  • ■ 您必須3個月內申請退款

Some people get free prescription:

  • are 60 or over

  • are under 16

  • are 16 - 18 and in full-time education

  • are over 18 and in full-time education (need to fill in the HC2 form)

  • are pregnant or have had a baby in the previous 12 months and have a valid maternity exemption certificate (MatEx)

  • have a specified medical condition and have a valid medical exemption certificate (MedEx)

  • have a continuing physical disability that prevents you going out without help from another person and have a valid medical exemption certificate (MedEx)

  • hold a valid war pension exemption certificate and the prescription is for your accepted disability

  • are an NHS inpatient

Apply for a Medical exemption certificate (MedEx) –

  • ask doctor for a FP92A form

  • Medical Conditions eligible for MedEx


  • 60歲或以上

  • 未滿16歲

  • 16-18歲,並接受全日制教育

  • 18歲以上並接受全日制教育(需要填寫HC2表格)

  • 懷孕或在過去的12個月中有生個小朋友,並且具有有效的產婦豁免證書(MatEx)

  • 某些病人可以申請醫療豁免證書 Medical Exemption Certificate (MedEx)

  • 殘疾人士可以申請 Medical Exemption Certificate (MedEx)

  • War pension exemption certificate (退役軍人)

  • NHS 住院病人

如何申請醫療豁免證書Medical Exemption Certificate (MedEx)

  • 向醫生索取FP92A表格

  • MedEx資格條件




● You can register with any dental surgery (not post code restricted).

● For NHS service – you need to wait for the list to open at the dental surgery

  • The list can be long, and you might not be able to get NHS service

  • Find another dental surgery instead

● You can register as a private patient – cost will be more expensive than NHS charges

NHS dental charges

○ Emergency dental treatment - £23.80

○ Band 1 course treatment - £23.80

○ Band 2 course treatment - £65.20

○ Band 3 course treatment - £282.80

(Price in April 2021)

● Emergency dental treatment – emergency dental care in NHS dental practice/ hospital

such as pain relief and temporary filling

  • If you don’t have a dentist – call NHS 111

  • NHS 111 will refer you to your local NHS emergency service to book an appointment at a hospital

● 您可以去任何牙醫診所進行登記 (不受Post Code限制)

● NHS服務 – 每間牙醫診所都有一個NHS 病人的配額 (quota)

● 有時候配額已經滿了– 您可能無法獲得NHS服務

● 可以選擇另一間牙科診所

● 您亦可以作為一個私家病人 (private patient) – 費用將比NHS費用高

NHS– 牙科收費

  • 急症 – £23.80

  • Band 1 治療 – £23.80

  • Band 2 治療 – £65.20

  • Band 3治療 – £282.80


● 急症 – 去NHS牙科診所/醫院 – 例如止痛和臨時補牙

  • 如果您沒有牙醫,請致電NHS 111

  • NHS 111將轉介你到你地區的NHS緊急服務部門以預約緊急牙科服務

Our co-founders Sunny and Alex have shared their experience in seeing emergency dentist in the UK on HongKonger Station "UK Night Snack" show.

我們的聯合創辦人Sunny和Alex在香港台 "英與你宵夜"分享了在英國看急症牙醫的經驗。

(Go to 28:16 , 去 28:16)

  1. Band 1 – examination (including x-rays), advices on preventing future problem, scale and polish if clinically needed, preventative care (e.g. fluoride varnish or fissure sealant if appropriate)

  2. Band 2- covers everything listed in Band 1 + any further treatment such as fillings, root canal work or remove of teeth but not more complex items covered by Band 3

  3. Band 3 – covers everything listed in Band 1 and 2 + crowns, dentures, bridges and other laboratory work

  1. Band 1 治療 – 檢查 (包括照X-Ray),洗牙 (如果需要)

  2. Band 2 治療 – 包括 Band 1 治療 + 補牙拔牙,但不包括 Band 3 裏面的治療

  3. Band 3 治療 – 包括 Band 1 和 Band 2治療 + 製造牙套,假牙

● The dental treatment plan (NHS)~ NHS牙科治療計劃

● You will not be charged for individual items within an NHS course of treatment.

Depending on what you need to have done, you should only ever be asked to pay one

charge for each completed course of treatment, even if you need to visit your dentist

more than once to finish it.

● 在用NHS的治療過程中, 每項療程只需收一次錢。 即使您需要多次拜訪牙醫

才能完成治療,也只應要求您支付一次錢 (每個療程) 。

Free dental treatments for:


  • Under 18 years old,

  • Under 19 and in full time,

  • Low income (includes university students, fill in HC2 form)

  • 未滿18歲,

  • 19歲以下且全職,

  • 低收入(包括大學生,填寫HC2表格)

More information please visit the NHS website:

更多信息,請訪問NHS網站 :


Orthodontic Treatment



  • Free NHS orthodontic treatment for under 18 years old.

  • If you want NHS orthodontic treatment – speak to your own dentist and you can be put on the waiting list

  • You will need to qualify for NHS treatment if your teeth meet the NHS’s requirement

  • 18歲以下的兒童可免費接受NHS箍牙治療。

  • 如果您想用NHS箍牙服務,你需要與你的牙醫講安排你去排隊。

  • 您需要符合NHS的要求 ,才可以獲得NHS治療的資格

Otherwise - Private treatment


Fees range from £2000 to £6000


Our co-founders Sunny and Alex have shared their experience and information about orthodontic treatment in the UK on HongKonger Station "UK Night Snack" show.

我們的聯合創辦人Sunny和Alex在香港台 "英與你宵夜"分享了在英國看箍牙醫生的經驗和資訊。

(Go to 2:24:06 , 去 2:24:06 )


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