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Driving Licence for Lorry, Bus & Minibus ~ 貨車 、 巴士和小巴駕駛執照

Switching from Hong Kong Driving Licence (Lorry, Bus and Minibus) to UK Licence

香港駕駛執照(貨車 、 巴士和小巴)轉換為英國駕駛執照

If you have a Hong Kong driving licence for lorry, bus and minibus, unfortunately you cannot switch this category to the UK licence.

如果您擁有香港駕駛執照(貨車 、 巴士和小巴),您不能直接轉換為英國駕駛執照。

Exchange a Foreign Driving Licence


You will need to obtain a UK full car driving licence and then take the relevant tests to obtain the categories again (full driver CPC).

  • There will normally be 4 tests to take.

您將需要獲得英國汽車正式駕駛執照,然後進行相關考試從而拿到 Full CPC licence。

  • Full CPC licence – 貨車 、 巴士和小巴駕駛執照

  • 需要通過4項測試


How to Get and Keep the Full Driver CPC?

如何獲取Full CPC licence?

1. Apply for a provisional lorry or bus licence.

申請暫准貨車 、 巴士和小巴駕駛執照 (P牌) 。

2. Pass 4 tests that make up Driver CPC to qualify.


3. Take 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to stay qualified.


4. Will need to renew your bus or lorry licence every 5 years


5. Will need to renew every year when you reach 65 years old.

65歲以上 – 需要每年續牌一次。



Provisional Licence~ 臨時牌照

Test Costs ~ 測試費用


Welcome to download for printing (English and Traditional Chinese)


Design - Lorry, Bus and Minibus licence_
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Design - Lorry, Bus and Minibus licence
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