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Driving Licence -- 駕駛執照

Updated: May 2023

If you are living in the UK, it is likely you will need to get a car. (apart from living in London!)

如果您住在英國,好多時候你會需要駕車。 (除非住在倫敦!)

Switching from Hong Kong Driving Licence to UK Driving Licence


If you have a Hong Kong driving licence, you can exchange it for a UK driving license.


You do not need to live in the UK for more than 185 days in order to apply for the switch! You can apply for the switch after you arrived in the UK and have obtained your BNO visa.

你無需在英國居住超過 185 天即可申請換駕駛執照!你可以在抵達英國並獲得 BNO 簽證後申請轉換。



  • 用Form D1 進行申請

  • 費用為£43

  • 將在3-4週內收到你的英國駕駛執照


內。 你的英國駕駛執照是由0年開始計算!


汽車保險 (car insurance) 會更容易和便宜些少。

我遲些會在另一份文件 (Part 3) 內解釋!

Once you arrived in Britain, you can continue using your Hong Kong driving licence. After 12 months, you must exchange it to UK driving licence to continue driving in the UK.

You lose your Hong Kong driving licence once you have exchanged it for the UK driving licence.

  • Order form D1

  • The fee is £43

  • Licence will be received within 3-4 weeks

If your Hong Kong driving licence is 10 years old, once you exchange to a UK driving licence

those 10 years are not counted. Your UK driving licence starts from year 0!

Also, it will be cheaper to get a car insurance with a UK driving licence. I will explain this further in another document (Part 3).

Therefore, the earlier you exchange your Hong Kong driving licence to a UK driving licence the better it is.


Applying for a UK driving licence


Provisional Driving Licence

暫准駕駛執照 (P牌)

2. Apply your provisional driving licence (green) online

3. £34 – apply online (it’s cheaper)

4. Be at least 15 years and 9 months old

5. Be able to read the number plate from 20m away

6. Required document:

  • a. ID – can just use BNO passport

  • b. Addresses (lived over last 3 years)

  • c. National Insurance number (if you know it)

7. You will need to provide a passport sized photo – just scan it onto your computer and

upload it onto the system

8. They might ask you to post in your passport sized photo after your online application.

You will receive this via the post (this is a personal experience)

9. Your provisional driving licence lasts up to 10 years

10. You need your provisional driving licence in order to learn driving. (will have to show it to

your driving instructor)

2. 在線申請您的暫准駕駛執照 (P牌) (綠色)

3. £34 –在線申請 (更便宜)

4. 年齡 - 至少15歲零9個月大

5. 能夠讀取20m以外的車牌

6. 所需文件:

  • a. 身份證明文件 – BNO護照

  • b. 地址 (過去3年居住的地方)

  • c. 國民保險號碼 National Insurance number (如果您知道的話)

7. 你需要提供護照尺寸的照片 - 只需將其掃描到電腦上並將其上傳到系統上即可

8. 當你申請後,你可能會收到一封信要求你直接郵寄您的照片 (這是個人經驗)

9. 你的暫准駕駛執照 (P牌)可長達10年

10. 你需要暫准駕駛執照 (P牌) 才能學習駕駛。(必須將其顯示給你的教車師傅)


Full Driving Licence

正式駕駛執照 (粉紅色)

Once you have passed your theory and driving tests, the examiner will take your provisional driving licence (green) away with them and your full driving licence (pink) will arrive via post.

一旦您通過了筆試和路試,考官將拿走你的暫准駕駛執照 (P牌) (綠色)。你的正式駕駛執照 (粉紅色) 將通過郵寄寄到你的家中。

They say it can take up to three weeks, but the full licence normally comes within a week.


Make sure you have your correct address on your provisional driving licence before taking your driving test, otherwise you will need to fill in a form and post your provisional driving licence yourself to get your full licence.

While you are waiting for your full licence, you will need to bring your driving test certificate with you while driving on the road.

在參加路試之前,請確保你的暫准駕駛執照 (P牌) 上的地址是正確。否則,你需要

填寫表格並親自寄回你的暫准駕駛執照 (P牌)才能可以獲得你的正式駕駛執照。

It is free to change your address on your licence.


Every time you have moved to a different address, it is best you update your address on your driving licence (either provisional or full).

其實每次搬屋最好更換你車牌上的地址,因為英國人用車牌當作 ID (申請銀行戶


People in the UK use their driving licence as ID (e.g. applying for a bank account, collecting letters and parcels from the Post Office).

在等待你的正式駕駛執照時,你將需要在道路上隨身攜帶你的駕駛考試證書 (pass

driving certificate)。

The full driving licence lasts up to 10 years. Then you will need to renew (£14).

You don’t need to pay for anything to switch from provisional to full driving licence!

正式駕駛執照可長達10年。 然後,你將需要續牌 (£14)。

你無需支付任何費用即可將你的暫准駕駛執照 (P牌) 轉換為正式駕駛執照!


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