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Entering the UK before 21st June 2021

香港 BNO 朋友可以在英國邊境申請 Leave Outside the Rule (LOTR)

HK BNOs can apply for Leave Outside the Rule (LOTR) at UK border

在英國邊境申請 Leave Outside the Rule (LOTR) 已延長至7月19日。

建議: 可以在2021年7月19日之前在英國邊境申請 LOTR,然後通過手機 app 進行申請 BN(O) 簽證

Leave Outside the Rule (LOTR) at the UK border has been extend until 19th July.

Suggestions: Enter the UK before 19th July 2021 with LOTR and then apply BN(O) visa through the app.

抵達英國邊境時,入境事務主任有可能會考慮給你和你家屬 6個月的 ‘Leave Outside the Rule’ (LOTR) 身份。

You and your family members may be consider granting ‘Leave Outside the Rules’ (LOTR) for 6 months by Border Force Officer at the UK border upon arrival.


要獲得 Leave Outside the Rule (LOTR) 身份 - 需要通常住在香港或英國

To be eligible for ‘Leave Outside the Rules’ – must be usually live in Hong Kong or the UK

有幾位人士入境英國時遇到冇收到 LOTR 的印章!

雖然有直接跟Immigration Officer 講想申請LOTR,但是對方只係俾了一個普通的入境印(遊客身分)或直情冇俾印


  1. LOTR 身分是會有兩個印!
    一個是普通入境的日期印加一個長方型印並寫了 ‘Leave to enter for until 6 months, No recourse to public funds ’。

  2. Immigration Officer 會叫你去一個隔離區坐一陣之後拿走你的護照和其他有需要的證明文件。之後返來時會跟你說是否批了LOTR。

  3. 你有 BNO 就用BNO 申請,唔好拿出兩本護照出來。最後有人被當外國人遊客入境英國並沒有批 LOTR 😥

  4. 最好選擇入境時常處理LOTR批核的邊境- e.g. Heathrow Airport ✈️ 有列子入境Birmingham Airport時,因為Officer 唔識LOTR 所以只俾了遊客身分😕

Some people are experiencing not getting the LOTR status at the border.

Although they have told the Immigration Officer that they want to apply for the LOTR status, they either got a stamp for tourist or didn’t receive a stamp at all! 


  1. You will get 2 stamps with LOTR. One is the normal stamp plus a rectangular stamp which states  ‘Leave to enter for until 6 months, No recourse to public funds ’.

  2. Immigration Officer will take you and sit in a separate area. The Officer will take away your passport and relevant documents and later on come back to let you know the result.

  3. If you have a BNO passport then use it please! Don’t show multiple passports as this confuses the Officer. Someone did that and just got treated as a foreign tourist entering the UK without LOTR 😥

  4. Choose to enter at borders which often deal with LOTR applications such as Heathrow Airport ✈️ Have a real life example in which the Officer from Birmingham Airport didn’t know what LOTR is and just gave a normal tourist stamp 😕


To be considered, you need to show the following:

你的身份證明Your identity

  • 可以是有效或己過期的BNO護照

  • ​如果你沒有BNO護照 - 內政部 Home Office可以查看記錄以證明你的BNO身份

  • 證明你是香港居民或通常住在英國 (例如 香港身份證,雇主或學校發出的信,稅務記錄 等等)

  • Your BNO status ( valid BNO passport / expired BNO passport / copy of your BNO passport)

  • If you don’t have a BNO passport – Home Office may be able to look at records to check your status

  • Evidence to show you are a Hong Kong residence or usually lives in the UK, such as Hong Kong ID card, letter of employment, tax records etc.

非 BNO 家屬

Non-BNO dependants

  • 配偶:  需要結婚證書

  • 未婚伴侶: 證明已經一齊至少生活了2年

  • 未滿18歲子女: 出世紙或領養證書

  • Spouse or civil partner: need to provide marriage or civil partnership certificate

  • Unmarried partner: need to show you’ve been living together in a relationship similar to a marriage or civil partnership for at least 2 years

  • Children under 18: full birth certificate or adoption certificate


Proof of living expenses


have enough money to pay for your housing and to support yourself and your family for 6 months


  • 銀行戶口月結單

  • 在英國的定期收入證明: e.g. 收入 ,投資,退休金

  • 投資證明

  • 讀書資助基金 (海外)

  • 在英國有工作  


  • Bank Statements that show savings

  • Evidence of regular income while in the UK – e.g. salary, investment or pension payments

  • Investment details

  • Receipt of educational grants from overseas

  • An offer of employment in UK

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