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JULY 2021

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Please support us Basic operating expenses of the HKBrits🙏

£500 目標 target

1) 英國新家鄉網站 domain 和費用

HKBrits website domain and expenses

2) 有資源和器材去幫助我們的義工可以繼續為大家提供更多最新和最準確的資訊 Resources and equipments to support our volunteers to continue and provide the most updated and accurate information.

HK_Brits 英國新家鄉的目的是幫助來到定居的香港人更加容易融入英國。

有聽HongKonger Station香港台都知道我們的聯合創辦人 Alex 和 Sunny非常有心每星期義務地在英與你Hi Tea (之前是英與你宵夜)上帶最新英國的資訊給大家。

由於我們不是註冊的慈善機構,所以不能申請任何政府的資助。當中我們需要的網站Domain費用,您的支持可以幫助我們繼續未來一年 HK_Brits 網站的運作!

我們曾經幫助香港人解決的問題 (包括但不僅限於): • BNO 簽證 • 入學及插班生 • 租及買屋 • 稅務 • 醫療

在 2 月份,HK_Brits 與國會議員和負責教育政策的部長的聯繫之後,就解決了學位不足的問題。 HK_Brits 會繼續與政府部門緊密聯繫並繼續幫助香港人盡快融入英國社會。非常感謝大家的支持!

The purpose of HK_Brits is to help Hong Kongers to integrate more easily when settling in the UK.

For those who listens to HongKonger Station would be aware our co-founders, Alex and Sunny, have voluntarily provided news and updated information of the UK every week in their show 'UK Hi Tea' (previously 'UK Night Snack').

As we are not a registered charity and cannot apply for any government funding, therefore we are self-funded. Your support can help us with the domain money to continue our work to run HKBrits website for the next year!

The problems we have solved for Hong Kongers, including but not limited to:

• BNO visa issues • Education • Housing problems • Tax problems • Healthcare

HK_Brits have contacted MPs and the Minister responsible for Education Policy back in February, and we're pleased to announce we've solved the shortage of state school places for Hong Kongers.

HK_Brits will continue to liaise closely with the British government and continue our work to help Hong Kongers integrate into our British society.

Thank you all for your support!