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英國的宗教信仰 Religious beliefs in the UK


加入你自己當地社區的教堂、寺廟和信仰中心是全部免費的! 讓我們解釋一下在英國不同的宗教信仰,並分享一些經驗如何去尋找自己當地社區的教堂和信仰中心。

Britain is a multi-faith society having a history of multiculturalism dating back hundreds of years.

Joining your local churches, temples and faith centres are FREE for all! Let us explain the different religions and faith in the UK and sharing some experience in finding your local churches and faith centres.



What faiths are represented in the UK?



UK’s official religion is Christianity.

All churches of all denominations can be found throughout the UK.



2011 Census data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)


2021 Census data has not been released yet!


England and Wales



2011 Census data:




How to find your local church?



When you know where you have settled, you can then go on the Internet and search for your local faith centre, temple and church.

Most churches, temples and faith centres have their own website for you to find out the date and time of the services.



Real Experiences


  • 兒子在一間英國聖公會學校上學

  • 一家人經常參與學校禮拜堂的主日崇拜活動

  • 他們結識了其他同學的父母及每個星期都會來主日崇拜的社區當地人

  • 他們都以學校禮拜堂作為常規崇拜的地方

Experience 1:

  • The son is attending a Church of England school

  • The family is regularly attending the praying services at the chapel of the school

  • They met other students’ parents and local people who come to the school chapel weekly as their regular worship place

經驗 2:

  • 一名天主教徒剛剛搬到新的社區

  • 他上網搜尋自己社區的天主教堂

  • 在彌撒結束時,神父都會站在門口同參與彌撒的教友打聲招呼和問候

  • 神父和他問候時知道了他是新搬來居民

  • 之後,他被邀請在彌撒時幫忙派發餅 (聖體) 和酒 (聖血)

Experience 2:

  • A Catholic has moved and settled in a new town

  • He went on the Internet to search for his local Catholic church

  • At the end of the each Mass service, Father (the priest) will be standing by the door to meet and greet the people who attended the Mass service.

  • He was greeted and recognised by the Father as a new resident of the local area

  • He was then invited to help with some of the Mass services such as giving out Holy Bread and Holy Wine




The above two experiences show it is easy to find your local church and faith centre.

Some churches will send out leaflets to invite everyone in the neighbourhood for a Christmas lunch, even if you are not a faith believer!

They are always very welcoming and friendly and you will be able to integrate very easily!


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