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Getting a Car --買車

Where to Get a Car?


  • Search your local area for garages of your interested brand

  • Each car brand will have their own garage (franchise dealerships)

  • Visit the garages personally and look at the cars

  • Franchise dealership – sell both new and used cars

  • Independent garages – sell used cars only

  • Sometimes you may find it cheaper to purchase the same car model from the franchise dealership which is further away from where you live

  • You can also go on the official website to look at potential used cars – will have to go to that specific garage to pick up the car

  • It is more preferable to buy cars from the official franchise dealership than independent private garage even though it may be more expensive

○ More guaranteed and know the car history more thoroughly

  • 搜索您地區的車行/車房

  • 每個汽車品牌都會有自己的車行/車房 (特許經銷商 franchise dealership)

  • 最好親自去參觀車行/車房去選擇你想買的車

  • 特許經銷商 (franchise dealership) – 出售新車和二手車

  • 獨立車房 (independent garages) – 僅出售二手車

  • 有時候您可能會發現,離您居住的地方較遠的特許經銷商會賣更便宜的相同型號的汽車 (可以格價)

  • 您也可以在特許經銷商官方網站上查看二手車 – 必須前往特定的車房來取車

  • 從官方特許經銷商處購買汽車比在獨立車房(independent garages) 更有保障

○ 雖然可能會比在獨立車房更貴,但是更有保證 (會了解汽車歷史)


Car Insurance


  • In the UK, the car insurance is usually purchased for the person (full comprehensive) rather than just on the car (third party – minimum)

  • 在英國,通常是買 full comprehensive 汽車保險 ( 保司機自己 ,車和第三者)

  • It is illegal to drive a car which you are not insured on

  • Search on the internet for different car insurance companies before buying your car

  • 駕駛沒有保你自己的汽車是違法

  • 購買汽車之前,先在互聯網上搜索不同汽車保險公司

Factors affecting the cost of car insurance:

  • Your age (over 25 years old is cheaper)

  • How long have you been driving? (licence age)

  • Your address

  • Your driving mileage

  • Where your car will be parked (more expensive if parking on roads and in outdoor car parks – increase the risk of theft)

  • No claim bonus

  • Car types

  • Insuring as a second driver of the car with someone else (your parents, partners, boyfriend or girlfriend) who has a longer driving history. This will bring down the insurance


  • 您的年齡 (25歲以上會便宜)

  • 您車牌的年齡

  • 您的地址

  • 您將會行多少里數

  • 您的汽車將停在哪裡 (如果停在路邊或室外停車場,價錢會更高 – 因爲增加被盜的風險)

  • 無索償獎勵 (no claim bonus)

  • 汽車類型

  • 如果與較有駕駛經驗的人一齊投保 (您的父母,伴侶,男朋友或女朋友),保險價錢將會降低 (作為汽車的第二司機)


Vehicle Tax


● This must be up to date

● The data will be registered with Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)

● 不可以過期

● 跟Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) 註冊


MOT Test


● MOT test checks whether your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards

● MOT test is a must for:

  • The third anniversary of its registration (On the third year of your new car, a MOT test is needed)

  • The anniversary of its last MOT, if it’s over 3 years old (a MOT test certificate lasts for a year so you will need to renew this every year. MOT every year after the car is 3 years old!)

● Approved MOT test centre to get your MOT done (blue sign with three triangles)

● MOT測試 - 檢查您的車輛是否符合道路安全和環境標準

● 必須進行MOT測試:

  • 新車的第三年,需要進行MOT測試

  • 如果車齡已超過3年 ,每年就要進行MOT測試 (有效期維持一年)

● 認可MOT測試中心 (帶有三個三角形的藍色標誌)


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