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Driving Lessons, Theory and Practical tests -- 學車,考車牌:筆試及路試

Theory Test 筆試

With My Own Experience


Book Your Theory Test


You can start your driving lesson before passing your theory test!

(different to Hong Kong, more flexible)

您可以開始學車之後才考筆試! (與香港不同,更靈活)

2. £23 (for car and motorcycles)

3. Select your nearest test centre (post code)

4. What you need:

  • UK driving licence number

  • Email address

  • Credit or debit card – pay for your test

  • You must have lived in England, Wales or Scotland for at least 185 days in the last 12 months before the day you take your theory or driving test.

5. Your theory test lasts up to 2 years. You must take your driving test before your theory

expires, otherwise you will need to retake your theory again!

6. From personal experience, it is better to take your theory first before doing any driving

lessons and you are already familiar with the road rules and signs.

2. £23 (汽車和摩托車)

3. 選擇離您最近的考試中心 (郵政編碼 Post Code)

4. 您需要什麼:

  • 英國駕駛執照號碼

  • Email address

  • 信用卡或Debit卡–支付考試費用

  • 您必須在參加筆試或路試前的最後12個月在英格蘭,威爾士或蘇格蘭居住至少185天。

5. 當你筆試合格了,這個資格有效期維持兩年。您必須在過期之前通過路試,否則您需要重新再來考筆試!

6. 根據個人經驗,學車之前先考筆試,這樣您已經熟悉交通規則和路牌。


Driving Lessons


You can start learning how to drive at 17 years old!


Finding a Driving Instructor


From Personal Experience:

  • Private instructors are better than driving schools.

  • Private instructors are more flexible and less expensive.

  • Look out for driving school cars in your town – Take a picture of them and contact the

  • number directly.

  • You may find many instructors in your area are very busy and cannot take up any new students.

  • Just have to be patient and ask when they might be available.

  • Recommendation from friends

  • Search on Twitter and Facebook for your local instructors – They tend to have their own page.

  • Expect you may have more than one instructor as the first one doesn’t work out


  • 私人教車師傅比駕駛學院更好

  • 私人教車師傅更靈活,更便宜

  • 注意經過的學神車(通常有電話貼在車上) – 可以直接聯繫師傅

  • 您可能會發現您地區的教車師傅都非常忙,無法接受任何新學生

  • 要耐心等候,可能一個月後再聯絡問一問

  • 朋友推薦

  • 在Twitter和Facebook可以搜尋你的地區的教車師傅

  • 預計您有可能會跟多個一位的師傅去學車


How Much are the Lessons?


  • Depend on your areas

  • Could be between £25-£35 per hour

  • Pay as you go – You pay every time for your lesson.

  • ○ 1 hour

  • ○ 2 hours (some instructors will only offer a 2-hours lesson every time you take a lesson with them)

  • Bulk purchase – Buy 10 lessons in one go and on average it works out cheaper.

  • ○ Personal experience: I prefer the pay as you go method with flexibility to choose having 1- or 2-hours lessons depending on your needs and skills.

  • National average – Need 44 hours of driving lessons. In reality, people drive and practice more than 44 hours as they use their parent’s car and have their parents sitting next to them to practice/driving to school.

  • You can practice driving in a car (ensure you are insured on the car) with someone who is over 21 years old and has a full car driving licence for 3 years.

  • 取決於您所在的地區

  • 每小時可能介於£25-£35之間

  • Pay as you go – 每一次上堂每次計錢

  • ○ 1小時

  • ○ 2小時 (有些師傅規定每次要學兩小時)

  • 一次過購買10堂課,平均計起來更便宜

  • 個人經驗:我更喜歡pay as you go (可以根據您自己的需求而選擇上1或2個小時的課程)。

  • 全國平均水平-需要學的44個小時。 實際上,好多人花超過44個小時,因為他們會使用父母的汽車,而父母則坐在他們旁邊陪伴練習。

  • 您可以與21歲以上並擁有3年正式駕駛執照的人一起練習(需要確保你自己已購買汽車保險) ( )


Book a Driving Practical Test


  • You can book your driving test when your driving instructor thinks you are ready.

  • You will be using your instructor car. Different instructors charge differently on how much you need to pay to rent their car. Can range from £50-80.

  • You can also use your own car to do the driving test.

  • Driving test costs – Car - £62

  • 當教車師傅認為您可以考路試時就可以報名

  • 您將使用師傅車,不同的師傅會收取不同價錢的租車費用,介於£50-£80之間

  • 您也可以使用自己的車進行路試考試

  • 路試考試費用–汽車- £62

  • Pick your local test centre – You should know that as you have been practicing in the area and routes.

  • You find out your result immediately after your test.

  • If you did not pass – will have to wait for the next available slot for a next test (2 weeks to 1 month). If you pass – congratulations! Exchange your provisional to full driving licence (discussed in Part 1).

  • 選擇當考試中心 – 您應該知道自己的考試中心 (一直在練習附近的路線)

  • 當路試完結之後 ,您的考試成績即時知道

  • 如果您沒有通過路試 – 必須等待下一次的考試期 (2周至1個月)

  • 如果您通過路試 – 恭喜您! 您的暫准駕駛執照 (P牌) 可以換成正式的駕駛執照 (Part 1)


Welcome to download for printing (English and Traditional Chinese)


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Design - Driving Part 2
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