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香港台 "英與你宵夜" Hong Konger Station ~ Episode 4


Thursday, 13th May 2021

香港台 "英與你宵夜" 和你 live! 第4集

Episode 4: Hong Konger station "UK night snacks"

Part 1)

英國有趣新聞 - 馬莎對 Aldi 提起訴訟

Interesting news in the UK - Marks and Spencer lawsuit against Aldi

Part 2)



There are reports on how vaccination could affects women's menstrual cycle.

The NHS app with vaccination passport.

Part 3)

英國 COVID 情況


The COVID situation in Britain

Where does Hong Kongers choose to live in the UK?

Part 4)

Sunny & Alex 去睇牙醫 Dentist in the UK


  • 英國時間晚上10時至11時

  • 多倫多時間5-6pm

  • 香港時間凌晨5時至6時

We will be live on Hong Konger station every Tuesday and Thursday at

  • 10-11pm UK time

  • 5-6pm Toronto time

  • 5-6am Hong Kong time

下兩集是在 星期二 2021年5月18日和 星期四 2021年5月20日。

Our next two episodes are this Tuesday 18th May and Thursday 20th May 2021.


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